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I was excited when the team moved out to Seattle, because I finally had the money to get a nice apartment. In Boston I was living in a one bedroom place where I had to share a bathroom with six other people. The bitch Gene from down the hall always took an hour in the morning. It drove me crazy; it was so stupid inconsiderate. I was even more pissed about having to practice my forms in the public parks, which drew all sorts of unwanted attention.

The first week we were in Seattle we stayed in a place that B found for us. It was a quiet house in a nice, green neighborhood. Ajax warned me that I couldn't practice outside and I needed to watch what sorts of clothes I wore so I didn't upset the neighbors. It was nice to see trees outside, though I knew I couldn't afford to live in a place like that.

I found a large one bedroom apartment in a nice suburb, not too far from where the team normally meets up. I was pretty excited about it. For the first time since I left home I have my own bedroom with a lock. The place is really great; hardwood floors big windows, the works. I was especially happy that I could finally afford a real kitchen rather than a sad sink and plug in oven burner combo. I haven't had too much time to worry about furnishings, but I got myself a nice bed, a futon couch for the living room, and a decent trid that I can hook up to a disk player once I find one. The disk player is going to be harder to get, but well worth the extra effort and money I'll have to invest.

I was a bit sad that I had to leave my plants in Boston, but once I settled in I picked out a few new ones for my new place. I wanted to get something tropical and pretty, but eventually I settled on types that wouldn't suffer if I was gone for a week on a run. It's still nice to have plants around the house, even if they are a bit on the dull side.