Lume on Fighting Styles

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People are always surprised when I tell them I do not fight with Capoeira. To be honest, when I first took up fighting I chose to study Kung Fu, to emulate the great movie masters that I idolized. I would have liked more than anything to study Jeet Kune Do, but a girl in Sao Paulo, even a well off one had little hope of that.

When I fought in the arenas I encountered many different styles, some very powerful and others cobbled together and quite ineffectual. I fought a few Capoeira masters and at least one man who had trained in "North American Karate". Why they persist in calling it that I do not know.

But you asked about Capoeira. It's beautiful to watch, very flowing. The ground strikes and reversals of balance can be devastating, but once you understand it, it is increasingly easy to predict. A true master can move very quickly, but anyone less simply leaves themselves wide open on the turns and kicks.