Homework Eight

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Most people have some item, tool, or memento that they regard as very important, if not downright sacred to them. What is your character's sacred item? How did your character come by it, and why did it become important?


Between running away from home and the plane hijacking Lume had lost everything but the clothes on her back by the time she reached Boston. Of all the things she left behind she would most have liked to still have her first black belt and it's accompanying framed certificate, which she worked long and hard for. As far as she knows her parents may still have it. She tries to be realistic about things, as a shadowrunner she doesn't have the privilege of hanging on to too much worldly stuff, since she might have to skip town after any given run.

She was really glad to get her collection of old Kung Fu movies back from Spain, since they are worth quite a bit (being original late issue DVD's, ie. very much antiques). She doesn't see them as a sacred possession, just a collection that she loves. On some subconscious level they make her feel closer to her father, but she doesn't realize it consciously. She's taken to keeping them in a safe deposit box, since she has digital rips to watch and is feeling a bit paranoid about losing them permanently if she has to skip town.