Homework Thirty Eight

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Your character has the opportunity to see North America, tourist-style, on the way home. Barring complications (such as teammates or security), what would your character like to see?


As cliched and touristy as it is going to sound Lume would probably want to see some of the more famous natural sights (including some National Parks). She actively enjoys camping and hiking and would like to see what's left of the "unspoiled wilderness" in North America.

That said, I, Eva, have no idea what natural sites have survived in the world of ShadowRun. Are the Geysers of Yellowstone spewing acid these days? Has the Grand Canyon been filled in in favor of a new 15 square mile mega-mall? Is the erosion around Niagara falls so magically super charged that it has retreated around Goat Island and well in to Canada-land? I'm sure some of it must still be around.

Also, assuming that some of the "Living History" re-enactment settlements are still around in the 2070's, Lume would like to visit a few of those too. She certainly finds things like the life of a homesteader or a Native American on the great plains amusing enough to spend a day learning about them in a hands on manner. Well, that and old fashioned survival skills are just kinda neat to pick up.