Homework Thirty Seven

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How does your character feel about facing Tantalus? What is he or she doing to be mentally prepared?


To be totally honest, Lume is reaching a state of emotional exhaustion after too many crises in too few days. She is not happy about facing Tantalus and she'd really like to take him down/destroy him forever, but she really needs a little time to refocus and deal with all the new info/issues they've just been handed.

At the current moment she's feeling a bit bleak, since their last interaction with Tantalus went so poorly. She thinks they really need info about the spirit and it's weaknesses so they will have the upper hand. She's also concerned about the likelihood that the Johnson just hired them so that he can give them to Tantalus or sacrifice them so the mountain will remain or some other equally awful thing. She thinks they got offered way too much pay and none up front.

Given ideal peace and quiet for a day or so, she would do some meditation and exercise to clear her mind, try to figure out how she can physically prepare for what she remembers of Tantalus' style, and have a long but quiet talk with Ajax about how he is holding up and realistically how he is going to deal with the f'ing spirit's mental/emotional meddling. She knows that Ajax would like to just ignore his faults, but she is really afraid that Tantalus will succeed in exploiting them and kill the man who at this point is her oldest living friend. She's well aware that Ajax may just brush her off, but she intends to try her damnedest to get him to be serious about the situation.