Homework Thirty Four

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The team is in a bit of a tight spot at the moment. To your character, what could possibly be worse? And why?


The UGE critters could be able to swim. Then we would all be dead already and those things would probably be attacking the nearest base/landmass as well. The way things are, they will probably all die at the bottom of the sea, whether we escape or not. At least right now we have some sort of chance of detaching the cable, getting diving suits, or holding out for a few days until rescuers arrive (not that I'm holding my breath for that).

I suppose the other really bad thing might be that we've unleashed a virus which will spread throughout the ocean via fast growing kelp spores. There will be widespread mutations and many violent deaths before the source is identified and all kelp products are pulled from the markets, causing mass starvation, hunger riots, and millions (if not billions) of deaths. Of course at that point it won't matter to us, since we'll all be dead at the bottom of the sea. No one will even know we were responsible, except our fixer, who might piece it together, assuming he doesn't die in the chaos.