Homework Thirty Two

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If you (the player) and your character were to get into an argument, what would it most likely be about? What positions would each of you take?


Neither Lume nor I are the sort of person to talk about our innermost feelings or personal lives with casual acquaintances. So in order to have a fight about something more serious, we'd have to be friends. I can't imagine how that could ever happen. What I do see us fighting about however is exercise. I'm mostly a couch potato, while Lume is extremely dedicated to her physical health and training. She'd probably argue that I was killing myself by avoiding healthy exercise and that my life lacks discipline and focus. I'd probably argue that I have discipline, just not in spheres she considers important and that frankly my health is my own to ruin and none of her business. I would further point out that if all she cares about is physical discipline she's missing out on the spiritual and intellectual side of her life.