Homework Twenty Nine

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What would your character's perfect romantic date be?


To be honest, I'm not sure Lume could have such a thing at this point in her life. If it did exist, the person she was going out with would have to be someone she'd known for a while and trusted quite a lot. The date it self would have to be pretty casual, with very little in the way of physical romance, beyond maybe a chaste kiss or two. She'd probably go for a dinner at a nice, but not sit down, place and seeing an action movie or just hanging out in a more casual setting. (Alternately, she's always happy to share her morning jog with friends, so that would be one way for someone who was interested to spend time with her without freaking her out.)

Lume would probably eventually calm down and warm up to a lover, but it would take weeks if not months of patience.

I should also note, since it seems date related, that Lume actively hates roses. She's fond of pretty much any other sort of cut flower or potted plan, but she can't even stand the smell of roses, never mind seeing them around her house. If someone gave her roses as a romantic gesture she's probably thank the giver, treat the flowers with poorly-concealed disdain, and throw them out in a trash bin away from her home at the first opportunity when the giver wasn't looking. Not that a potential date would be likely to find it out, but Lume's favorite flowers are orchids and sunflowers.