Homework Twenty Three

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It's Sunday morning, your character has no commitments until tomorrow afternoon. What does he or she do for the day?


If this is the last day of in game time when we were lying low from a run, I'd lie low. Assuming that this is some other theoretical Sunday....

I'd jog in the morning as normal. I've been trying to find a decent coffee table I can refinish for my living room, so I'd probably hit some local flea markets and see what I can find. If I do find something promising and not too expensive I'd probably take it home and work on the initial sanding down phase for a few hours.

I've had my eye on an interesting cafe near downtown so I'd probably stop there to pick up lunch (assuming I'm not carting around a table from the flea market).

Since the dojo I attend isn't open on Sundays, I'd probably see if Yorick was up for a little sparing in the afternoon. I managed to get special dispensation from Fred to use the dojo space on Sundays if I cleaned up after myself. He even gave me a key. (I was rather flattered.) Anyway, so if Yorick wanted to get some practice in, finding a place to do it wouldn't be a problem. Otherwise I'd probably spend a few more hours on my quest to find a decent tofu supplier. The stuff from the shop I was optimistic about turned out to be only mediocre.

I'd try to be home by 7 or 8 so as to cook dinner and get to bed early after watching a few episodes of the 2055 re-release of "The Green Hornet" I managed to track down last month.