Homework Twenty Two

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Assume that you've used the same safe house a few times over the years: the disheveled but comfortable home of a poor family in the Barrens. The family appreciates your company as well as your money, and the kids think of you as an aunt/uncle. One day, you find that the family has been threatened, beaten up, and robbed. You track down the leader of the thugs that robbed them and capture him. Now what will you do?


Well, first of all, we should not be staying in safe houses occupied by normal people, especially a family with kids. Secondly, the leader of the thugs dies messily. His second in command gets a condolences card including very specific threats (with the alternate offer to leave him and his alone if he leaves us and ours alone). The family gets moved to a new home courtesy of us (or at least me). If the thugs take retribution, the second in command and anyone who participated in the retribution die messily. Rinse and repeat as needed.