Homework Twenty

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Describe your character's living arrangements? What is the space like? What things in the living space illustrate that a person lives there (e.g. decorations, color schemes, etc.)?


Lume lives in a large one bedroom apartment in a decent middle class suburb (I don't know enough about Seattle to say where). She picked the apartment because it's got hardwood floors, it's own bathroom, large windows in the kitchen, living room, and bedroom as well as being on the south side of the building. She was also very happy to get a place with a separate bedroom with a door that could be locked.

The apartment has high ceilings and in general Lume's decorating style could be described as colorful but a bit sparse. All of the walls are painted white, except for the bathroom which is a soft sand color. Her bedroom contains only a double bed with a plain black painted headboard, one small red lacquer bed side table, a similar dark purple lacquer dresser, some large brightly colored abstract prints, and a few potted plants. Her living room has a turquoise futon couch, a medium sized trid with a warm, mellow orange plastic casing (slightly more high end than the rest of her furnishings), and a plethora of potted and hanging plants. Her kitchen is decorated with bright solid colored ceramic tiles hung on the walls and a wrought iron frame (about 4 foot high, but flat-ish) holding small plants in a tree like shape in front of the window. Her dining room nook has a deep cobalt blue lacquer table and chairs (a recent flea market acquisition that she painted herself). The table is usually decorated with cut flowers and live ferns when she is not out running. None of the floors are covered by carpets or any other coverings. In general she keeps her apartment very clean and tidy, so it bears a disturbing resemblance to something you might see in a magazine article. The only atypical part is the sheer number of plants that she owns. Most of them have been carefully chosen to be able to survive a week or two alone with no deleterious effects. She has tried to grow things with bright or lush foliage where she can. She's a bit sad she can't really keep live flowers right now.

Most of Lume's furniture is stuff she bought cheaply and refinished herself (I'm not saying she's very good at this, but she didn't have that much to do to fill her apartment to her specifications either). Only her bed, futon couch, and trid started out new. She specifically purchased a high end trid so that she will be able to hook an optical disk player to it once she finds one. New disk players are ridiculously expensive (since almost one one needs them) so she's been trying to find one used but in decent shape. She hasn't had much luck so far, but she's willing to wait until she finds exactly what she wants.

All that said, almost no one sees the inside of Lume's apartment but Lume. She invited the doctor over for tea once when she was still on her quest to get the doctor to jog with her, but Ajax, (B,) and Yorick have not been invited in yet. Assuming they don't all die before Christmas, she's tentatively planning to have people over then for some sort of party.