Homework Two

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What did your character do in the two weeks between the first run and the current one?


Lume has been thinking of rejoining a dojo of some sort, as she doesn't have access to good studio space right now (her living room is passable with all the furniture moved, but not acceptable in the long term). She visited about half the dojo's in town over the break and ultimately settled on a relatively hard core judo school called The Steady Stance. The school is run by a middle aged troll named Fredric Morgan (he goes by Fred). He's a pretty good guy, and quite patient. Fred made a big fuss about starting her off as a while belt, but during her first two hour lesson she proved herself to be a quick learner and moved up to yellow belt on merit. She expects it will be a few weeks before he'll let her push her way up to green. She is pretty sure she could pass the brown belt test now, but she knows how much martial arts teachers like the patience game and she knows how to play it.

She spent some time working on retrieving her collection of old HKAT movies. She lost all of the physical copies of the ones she had collected when she left Amazonia. As her prized possession they went in the mail to Spain, and she did not manage to rejoin them on account of the hijacking. Her lease on the post office box in Madrid is just about up, so she has been trying to get in contact with someone who's reasonably trustworthy who can retrieve them and mail them over to Seattle. She probably asked Ajax for some help with this, since she doesn't really know the right people.

She's been trying to convince the doctor to take up jogging and join her every morning, but since the doctor was out of town for a chunk of their free time, that plan is going slowly.