Homework Seventeen

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If your character could ask one question to God/the universe/whatever, and expect an honest, straight answer, what would that question be? Why is that question the most important to your character?


There is one question that Lume is unlikely to find the answer for in any other way. I don't think she would have the guts to ask it now, despite the fact that at one point in her life she would have given anything to know the answer. I suppose that's saying a lot considering the things she doesn't blink at doing for a living.

"Did he really love me?"

It's spoken in the voice of the child who was silenced before she turned 17. She's trampled it down in the mean time. Sewn it up tight in the wounds she has refused to face.

I think she would agonize for a long time if she was really given that choice... in the end she would probably walk away, refusing to ask, despite the promise of an answer she could get no other way.

She won't face that pathos without such an unlikely choice, so it seems probable that she will not be forced to realize that it is no longer something she wants to know. Depending on her romantic future, she may have to face those daemons some day, but if her current avoidance behavior is any indication, it won't be for a long, long time.

(If none of this is making any sense and you care, I will refer you to this lovely angst ridden post.