Homework Fifthteen

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Running the shadows tends to interrupt one's daily (or weekly) routine. What is your character's routine when he or she is not shadowrunning?


on a normal non-running day:

7am - wake up, brush teeth
7:25am- go jogging
8:25am - return home, make/eat breakfast
10:30am - go to judo class (everyday but Sunday)
noon - return home, usually pick up lunch on the way
4:30pm - go to supplemental Tai Chi class (only Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays)
5:30pm - return home, cook dinner
6:30pm to 9pm - eat dinner, sometimes watch a movie (about every other day)

On Mondays and Thursdays, go grocery shopping in early afternoon
On Wednesdays and Sundays, go shopping at farmer's market from 6am to 7am

Lume is a pretty good cook and is on a constant quest for better and fresher ingredients. Because really, soy sucks in North America. She also spends a decent amount of time reading, keeping her diary (it's paper and in Portuguese), surfing the web, exploring the city, and generally amusing herself. She sticks pretty tightly to her schedule and rarely misses classes outside of running time.

She only started the Tai Chi classes in this past month, as she was feeling a bit twitchy and inactive. They are a bit slower than the other martial arts classes she's used to, but she appreciates the fine control and perfection of balance that she's attaining (also, it's good concentration practice).

When she is running, Lume has a set of indoor, minimum space exercises/calisthenics which she does once or twice a day (time and space permitting).