Homework Fourteen

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Assuming that he or she follows the tradition, what would your character get each of his or her teammates for Christmas?


Isn't it still September or October? Seems a bit early for Christmas shopping to me...

the doctor - She doesn't really seem all that attached to things, so maybe a good book or a some personal lessons on how to use handguns (if she seemed interested when I suggested it). I'm still trying to convince her to join me for jogging, but that's hardly a present.

Ajax - I don't think Ajax has taken Christmas' all that well what with the whole family all dead thing, so I'll probably just invite him over to my place to a nice home-made dinner party on Christmas Eve in the hopes of keeping him cheered up. Come to think of it I'll probably invite the rest of the team too, so that's not much of a present. I thought about getting him a cool computer game, but since I can't keep up with what he plays or what's new, that seemed hopeless. Maybe I could just get him a new car... I think I could afford a decent used one if the doctor kicks in for it.

the kid - I don't know the kid well enough to know if he even celebrates Christmas. I don't suppose he'd like some shiny new ammo?... No, probably not. I guess I'd get him something more friendly like, perhaps an offer to buy him a drink and some questions about his hobbies (assuming of course that he wants to be friends with his team; if he wants to keep it all business he's getting ammo).

dezzy - Maybe a new stupid puppy. Perhaps just a robotic puppy for him to talk to, since he can't accidentally kill that. And it would stay in the van if Ajax programmed it to. I bet I could get him something smart enough that it could do matrix searches for dezzy so he can learn stuff without going out... on second thought, that might be bad. Just a stupid robotic puppy it is.