Homework Eleven

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Assume your character is seeking companionship, and has the opportunity to write a detailed personal ad for a Matrix dating service. Write the ad.


Lume has been burned badly by romance in the past. She would be unlikely to seek romantic companionship since she hasn't made much effort to come to terms with her previous emotional wounds. If someone was interested in her they would have to be very patient with her until they eventually managed to win her trust. If she was going to write a personal ad it would be something like this (more detail would be forthcoming if she was more willing to face her issues):

"SHF seeking SM with GSOH and interest in martial arts. Must be MM and DDF. Intelligence and even temper preferred."

(Ha ha! I learned weird abbreviations! http://www.1-true-love.com/datingtips/abbr.shtml I'm still not sure if I think SHF would be Single Hispanic Female or Single Human Female in the future, but it works.)