Tuesday Sept 23ed, 2007

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Session started at 7:07 pm on 10/23/2007

Attending players: Sarah, Ben, Michael, and Eva

Presiding GM: Aaron

We've safely extracted the vampire, but she's completely worn out from the rather poor treatment she was receiving. We have a rather heated discussion with her. She wants to feed on a person. We aren't cool with that. After some arguing, we manage to get her to admit that she could be tided over by some blood sans essence.

The doctor and I pay a hobo to let us draw some blood for Rice. This calms her down a bit.

At the safe house, we start our conversation with Rice about what the hell we are recovering. She doesn't know where it, but she can tell us what it is. It's the f'ing disk. Damn it. She seems to think it's somehow entangled with an executive from Horizon named Taylor Blackfeather.

Apparently poking into the matter is what got her captured. Lovely.

On the up side, Ajax is able to pull up some info about Ms. Blackfeather. As the vampire said, she's an exec for Horizon. Also, she's dead. Uh... He's even finding images of her funeral. He notes a Lars Bonnerheight who's apparently her SO.

She died in the last three weeks. Now Rice is very very confused. She says she was tracking Taylor two weeks ago. I'm hoping this is a case time confusion or a very simple faked death, because I'm not sure I'm up for another convoluted identity stealing plot.

I point out that tracking down this Lars person might give us a good head start on finding out what actually happened. He is another Horizon exec and he lives downtown. He's some sort of TV promoter marketing person.

Rice seems pretty sure that Taylor is alive. She's also saying something a bit confusing about Taylor not knowing that she has the disk or what the disk really is. Okay. I'm not understanding, but whatever. Find Taylor then sort out the leads to the disk seems like a plan of action.

After some discussion, we decide to leave the vampire in the safe house for the day and go do some recon.

Taylor lives, or lived?, in a rather large and expensive set of condo duplexes. It's a AAA security complex. When the doctor checks out the house she notices that the ivy growing on the house is astrally active. She checks out the garage and says it's being segregated from the house by a rather strong ward.

("Hello ma'm, we have a handgun delivery. Would you like to let us in?"
~ Eva, joking about a possible "plan")

Ajax knocks on her back door. A woman answers the door but sadly not the woman we are looking for. She claims not to know Ms. Blackfeather. Ajax spends some time trying to get her to "see the light of Christ" so that the doctor can zip in astrally and poke around.

He annoys the woman enough with his evangelical act that she says she's calling security. The doctor unfortunately doesn't find anything useful. With Ajax back in the car, we head out of the complex before security comes after us.

Ajax doesn't think we're being followed. He fades off into the matrix to try to figure out who the woman in that house was. Her name is Gwyendolin Bennett and she moved in two weeks ago. Probably inherited or maybe she's in on the whole thing and is house-sitting. Either way, I guess we better focus on the boyfriend.

("I get three hits."
~ Michael, without saying what he's doing
"You succeed at doing a backflip."
~ Aaron
"While driving, it's exciting."
~ Sarah
"Dezzy is inspired to emulate."
~ Ben)

We are going to try getting information out of the boyfriend, but we think this will work better at night. Ajax pulls his home address, which is in the same complex the woman lived in. We head back to the safe house to wait for sunset.

End of Session