Tuesday Sept 16th, 2007

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Session started at 7:07 pm on 10/16/2007

Attending players: Sarah, Ben, Michael, and Eva

Presiding GM: Aaron

("I was wondering where you were going with that. I guess it was 'I'm a jerk-ville'."
~ Ben)

Our cunning plan.

("'You're spirits show up in any form you want...'"
~ Aaron, as A
~ Aaron, as B
"Like the kool-aid main?"
~ Sarah
~ Michael)

It's Monday the 5th of January.

"If you need 'scary jenga pieces', I think you need to rethink your life."
~ Michael

About 20 minutes before we go into the complex we pull up across the street and Ajax plants a bomb in one of the lamp posts. He says most of the force will be directed into the complex rather than at the residential houses. It's meant to be a distraction, not useless collateral damage.

We have a short discussion with Dezzy so that he will be behaving while we are inside. Hopefully Ajax hasn't confused him. I tried tell him to simplify the instructions. Dezzy can only take so much.

The guard at the gate seems to be happy with our fake ids and he lets us in.

We park over by the high security building. A slightly flustered lab tech comes out to meet us. Her name is Signe and she says she'll be our guide. Ajax asks for a general tour the building to examine their security measures.

Yorick is taking the "second in command" roll. He's going to handle the guide while Ajax sets our indoor distraction bomb. Most of the labs she's showing us at are general sim-sense.

At the entry to the super, super secure half of the building she tells us that we will need to turn off and bag-shield wireless devices. The two guys have to wear big, highly-annoying tinfoil suits because they've got implanted cyberware.

Ajax mentions that he has to "make a call" before we shut everything off. We confirm via wireless that we really only need a signal for when to spring into action and take out the guards. Ajax is going to use "falaffel" as the code word. That will be exciting to work into conversation.

The guys get suited up and the doctor and I turn off and bag our electronics.

Past the security doors is a cute little tram. Adorable. It's controlled physically.

The labs in the super security area appear to be also sim-sense related, but the doctor perks up a bit, so they must be more interesting.

When we get to a lab along the external wall Yorick distracts the guide while Ajax sets a small hidden bomb. I do my best to stand in between the guide and Ajax in an unobtrusive, "don't look at me I'm a bodyguard" way. It goes uneventfully.

We head down to the basement. The basement has a background count of one. Fuck.

The rooms in the center of the building are some sort of isolation chambers as we expected. There's a kid of about 12 or 13 in one of them. He's huddled in the corner in a hospital gown. I'm not sure what Signe was talking about when she said "rowdy", the kid looks seriously glazed over.

(The doctor assenses the boy. He's catatonic, probably because he has psychotropic chemicals in him. His essense is 6.)

The spaces we thought were offices are actually hospital type rooms. Each seems to contain a metahuman of some variety tied down to a bed with various tubes and trodes on them. Some of them seem to be in a lot of pain or distress. Many are screaming.

Our guide gives us some schpeal about research on new virtual realities and technomancers. I'm sure I'll be having nightmares about this place later.

Then she leads us outside a small locked down room that she's clearly very excited to show us. Through the door I can see a woman wearing a mage hood, strapped to a wooden table. When Yorick asks about the wooden table, the guide explains that this is the only living vampire in captivity. The table and mask are to keep her from turning into a mist and escaping.

Suddenly that comment about "she'll know you" makes sense. Fucking hell. I do not want to be rescuing this bitch. That Johnson is fucking lucky we're professionals.

(At about this point Michael and Eva both realize that we left a wireless bomb upstairs... in the "no wireless" zone... so all the crazy technomancers will have a chance to hack it.)

Ajax pulls out the falafel message and I subdue the guard. Ajax moves to head back the way we came but there's a muffled thump and he stops in his tracks. Yorick and I have the door open already and I move to pull off the mage mask.

She looks at me with pure hatred and then slightly less when she realizes who I am. I'm already unstrapping her from the table. She is understandably surprised to see us and says that "the man" has a sick sense of humor. I can't help but agree with her.

We get her into the guide's clothing, nano-masked, and ready to go. Ajax puts the guide in her place on the table.

As we're working Ajax slightly shakily points out that we have probably just let a bunch of crazy technomancers blow up the wallpaper and get access to the external world. Lovely.

Ajax delays us for almost a minute trying to deal with how to fix it. We convince him there is no way in hell we could do anything and we need to get out of here before the corp's clean up team shows.

When we get upstairs we find a group of scientists trying to escape. Falling back into our "supposed to be here" security personas, we directly them down the tram hallway. Someone yells that we shouldn't touch the rail.

We manage to get out of the building. Dezzy is shut down (Ajax called him in a panic after the explosion and told him to close all wireless connections), but Ajax jacks into him wiredly and we get underway.

Everything in the compound is total chaos. The gates are opening and closing wildly and the guards have been hacked, really badly. Some are on the ground twitching and many are clearly dead.

Ajax manages to bluff us out of the complex.

Now we just need to know where we're going next.

End of Session