Tuesday Sept 18th, 2007

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Session started at 6:49 pm on 09/18/2007

Attending players: Sarah, Ben, and Eva

Presiding GM: Aaron

Ajax spent some time hacking into Horizon and getting info on their node. He's managed to pull some information on the research facility we'll be breaking into.

He's also set himself up in their records as an auditor. The folks who secure the node think he's coming back to probe their security for a scheduled, and authorized, drill some time in the next week. He's planning to take the node down, knock out all the security hackers, and sit in the node keeping it down while we do our job.

He has a bunch of data he pulled from his first incursion through. After a lot of time slumped over thinking he tells us that he has the basic functions for most of the buildings, including some floor plans. There are apparently dorms in there along with the other more research related stuff, so it is still possible that our target is an employee rather than a research subject.

Our tentative plan at this point is to make our selves look like security inspectors from Knight Errant. This will require some expensive IDs, but it means we could hold off on having Ajax torch the node for as long as possible. He thinks he can also put us in the schedule to be touring the facility as security "consultants."

After some dead-end discussion on how we are going to be getting out of the complex, Ajax arranges for the SINs we'll be using. We each have to cough up a thousand NY on top of spending the whole downpayment we got for this run.

So the best case is that the woman we're extracting works in the complex and can move freely around the secured area. Then the only problem becomes how to get her out of the main gate. The worst case is that she's a prisoner who's being tortured under heavy guard. That would be a lot more exciting.

End of Session