Tuesday Sept 11th, 2007

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Session started at 7:37 pm on 09/11/2007

Attending players: Sarah, Ben, and Eva

Presiding GM: Aaron

We get back into town in the wee hours of Christmas morning. We drop every one off at their respective homes to get some rest. I set the car off on it's rather long trip back to the rental place.

Over the next week or two Ajax sells off the Oricalcum we were carrying to the tune of 18,450 NY for each member of the team. I pay my rent through January, although my savings would be doing okay even without the last pay off.

(I also buy my reaction from 4 to 5 at a cost of 15 karma. I now have an effective reaction of 7 with my adept powers!)

The next week and a half is pretty peaceful. The doctor is doing some sort of major binding so we don't see her much.

("My spirit could have Wingardium Leviosa? That's totally worth it!"

("I have an exploding cat and wind up toys."
~ Sarah, after deciding on elemental aura for her bound spirit)

("[I can i]f someone else rolls for me, otherwise I might cut off your brain."
~ Sarah, when Michael is asking if the doctor can install cyberware in Ajax)

("I'd like to increase my reaction from three to four, creepy man."
~ Michael, to Aaron)

Dezzy is very happy to see us.

(Lume isn't really conscious of it, but Ajax arranges a new fake SIN in order to replace one that Yorick very unfortunately lit on fire.)

("Are you kidding, I look for my one night stands in much higher class-"
~ Michael, after Aaron ask him if Ajax wants to sleep with a random sales girl
"She might have cyber-boobs."
~ Sarah)

I throw a pretty nice new years eve party for the team and everyone attends. The food and decorations come out quite well if I do say so myself. Yorick brings some nice wine. The doctor brings some impressive French food. Ajax brings some neat remote controlled fireworks to annoy my neighbors.

During the party, Ajax gets a call from a Johnson about a job. He wants us to extract a woman from a Horizon research facility. The "Research Seattle" facility specifically. She then needs to be escorted somewhere else, she'll know where. He's offering 20K NY in advance and "lots" afterwards. On one hand I'm happy we seem to be worth more these days, but these five digit advances are really making me nervous.

The team isn't super comfortable about the danger which would warrant that payment, but we agree to take the job anyway. The Johnson is not really helpful with details on the woman we're extracting. He says only, "She'll know you."

After Ajax hangs up with the Johnson he gets a call from Vasquez. Vasquez is very surprised because he's been wired 60K NY with instructions to pay us 20K NY and hold the rest in escrow. I'm concerned about what we've just gotten ourselves into, but it's a bit late for second thoughts.

End of Session