Tuesday Sept 4th, 2007

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Session started at 6:29 pm on 09/04/2007

Attending players: Sarah, Ben, and Eva

Presiding GM: Aaron

We stop for the night at a small run down motel before we enter the nature preserve.

We pass an old faded sign as we enter the park land the next morning. Yorick enhances a digital image of it and identifies that it says "Danger! Health hazard keep out." Fun.

The edge of the city is disturbingly intact. We pass warehouses and slightly ramshackle residential areas. Everything bears the unmistakable touch of time and disuse. We aren't seeing any signs of recent human habitation.

There's one tree in the damn town. It's a tall, sickly looking evergreen. When we investigate, we find that the tree is growing at the edge of a pool which is fed by a trickle of water from rusty pipes in a collapsed building nearby.

Yorick notices a weird frozen spot in the pond. It's not cold enough for the water to freeze naturally, so this is not a good sign. We are all standing around trying to decide what if anything to do about this new information, when a giant grey lizard leaps from under the ice and directly at the doctor. Shards of ice fly everywhere.

Before I can even blink Yorick has his gun out and has put two rounds into the thing. We had talked about using gel rounds. The lizard's reaction suggests that he did remember to re-load.

I manage to get the doctor behind me, but the lizard knocks me over, leaving a freezing cold gash in my right arm. The thing has me half pinned to the ground with it's weight.

Yorick's third shot knocks it out and it collapses. I manage to drag myself to my feet, not too much the worse for wear. The doctor takes care of my injuries while Yorick goes to get the car.

Ajax apparently had some hidden scotch and now is roaringly drunk. This would probably bother me more, but it's not like we need him to talk to the damn lizard.

We get the lizard tied up, wrapped in burlap, injected with tranquilizers, and loaded in the trunk. The doctor looks over it astrally. She doesn't see any particularly interesting surprises. We head out of the park, stopping every half hour to let the doctor look at the lizard so we have some idea how fast the tranquilizers are going to wear off.

We have to pay a 400 NY bribe to get back across the border into Seattle, but that seems pretty cheap considering the giant frozen lizard in our trunk and the fact that the doctor now has a criminal SIN associated with her.

We don't have any problems dropping the lizard off with the academics. They seem amused by the "lizard attack" footage we throw in for free, edited to remove our identifying details of course. They pay up the agreed upon fee without trouble.

End of Session