Tuesday July 31th, 2007

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Session started at 6:35 pm on 07/31/2007

Attending players: Sarah, Michael, Ben, and Eva

Presiding GM: Aaron

(We discuss some rules tweaks that Aaron is going to be incorporating into the game.)

We've loaded the crate into the flatbed. The Johnson is only a few miles down the road.

The Johnson is apparently pissed that we switched the contents of the crates. He thought he was being uber-clever with the towel and styrofoam manifest. I'm pretty sure that Aztechnology is not so dumb that they will really believe they were shipping that crap, but whatever. If we screened our Johnson's for dumb we would never have a job.

He checks the contents of the crate and seems satisfied. Ajax has a short discussion with him about the tripod gun that's ours. He negotiates us getting paid 3500 NY less for the "misunderstanding" and the gun. Whatever. I'd just like to walk away from this crap at this point.

He pays up and then immediately offers us another job. Uh, I'm not so comfortable with that. I don't think the doctor is either. One of his friends wants help moving stuff from Salish Sidhe to Seattle. He gives Ajax a contact number for the guy. When we ask who we should say referred us, he says his name is actually Johnson. I find that unlikely.

Anyway, we are very much done with this, so we pack up our returned gun and continue west. We stop in Butte to let the doctor get some rest before we cross the border. Yorick is pretty much ship shape in a day and the doctor is fine after three. It's a rather boring city, but she definitely needed the stop.

Ajax has a conversation our next Johnson while we're resting in Butte. Apparently the guy wants us to kidnap a large, gray meta-lizard from the Hanford Council Nature Preserve. The Johnson is definitely an academic and he's not very good at hiding things. I don't think he gets the whole, "give them all the information after they accept the job" thing. Ajax talks him up to 8500 NY. I'm not sure I like the fact that we now have to find a source of tranquilizers and rent some sort of trailer to keep the creature in, but at least it's unlikely that the Johnson could have managed to conceal a back stab from us.

The critter is apparently in an area that used to be a town. It was evacuated and made into a park due to nuclear contamination. The Johnson gave us some satellite pictures of the area. It sort of looks to me like it might have been a military base at one point. There's what looks like a pair of runways running through the middle of town and at least one abandoned crane which implies arial shipping to me. Yorick is really bothered by the crane for some reason.

We have an amusing discussion about how we are getting tranquilizers and a gun that can shoot them. Our ideas for the gun are not so good, but the doctor has medical credentials on her current forged SIN, so she just writes a scrip for the tranquilizers.

("So the next day, Baethan.... rises from the dead..."
~ Michael)

Yorick picks the medication up in the morning. He has to fork over 750 NY, but the sale goes smoothly.

The doctor is going in to a local veterinary school to talk to an intern and bribe him into selling her a tranq gun. She seems a little nervous but otherwise okay. I'm listening in as I sit in the car in the parking lot. She finds a guy to talk to and is chatting with him. Everything is going fine until she actually tries to offer him the bribe. My feed immediately cuts off.

(The intern was a federal police officer and a large group of armed officers arrests her. There was some sort of drug sting operation going on at the hospital. That's what happens when you critically glitch a social roll I guess.)

I head inside. As I step through the doors my external commlink connection goes dead. There are a dozen federal Soux nation officers hussling the doctor out a side door. WTF!?!

I step back outside and let the others know what's happening. Ajax asks me to follow them if possible. I manage to tail the police van to the local county lockup. There is a rather large presence of feds in the area, or at least their vehicles. Way more than I would have expected for such a small town.

(Meanwhile the doctor barely manages to pass her id check. She makes up a story about a dog back in Seattle that is keeping her awake at night. They don't seem to believe her, but at the very least she doesn't crack. They lock her up in a cell. They took all of her stuff away, so she's starting panic about not having any wind up toys.)

Ajax calls me back to the hotel. I pick him up and drive him over to the jail so that he can talk to the authorities. I stay in the car and wait for him. He is cut off from the net while he's inside, so I'll just have to hope he doesn't manage to get himself in too much trouble.

(The receptionist informs him that the doctor's bail hearing is currently going on. After a long wait he is informed that her bail is 1200 NY. He pays it and gets her out of there.)

He's back with the doctor in about an hour. She seems mostly okay. Apparently the feds were pulling some sort of sting. Ajax starts freaking out about some sort of tracking or bugs and demands her commlink. I take the doctor for a walk while he deals with it.

We get some fast food, confirm that there aren't any obvious trackers on the doctor, and stop at a convenience store. I buy her a couple new wind up toys and we trash everything she was carrying that isn't absolutely vital to her survival.

(Ajax finds an agent in her commlink and kills it.)

We meet back up with Ajax and he seems less freaked out about the commlink. I point out that we need to replace the doctor's clothing and get the stuff at the hotel packed up. We stop off at a local cheap clothing store while Ajax calls Vasquez to arrange for a new ID.

Apparently the new ID is going to take a few weeks, so we are going to have to get across the border without going through a checkpoint. Then we still have to manage to kidnap that damn lizard. I really shouldn't let Ajax talk me into jobs against my better judgment... or road trips for that matter.

After some discussion Ajax decides he will bribe our way across the border. He manages to do it with only 200 NY.

We stop to pick up some meat for the lizard. Hopefully he likes the flavor of tranquilizers.

End of Session