Tuesday Apr. 10th, 2007

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Session started at 6:43 pm on 4/10/2007

Attending players: Joe, Michael, Ben, and Eva

Presiding GM: Aaron

("NOOOOO! Everything we did last time just came flooding back!!"
~ Michael)

("You guys are still planning. What do you want me for?"
~ Aaron, as he leaves the room to get dinner
"Yes, go away. You interrupt us when we're planning."
~ Joe)

We've gotten out of the hotel and have our exciting new plan to get Molo. We are going to try to make him meet us with the lie that we've kidnapped the agent. The fact that we own his commlink is our biggest advantage right now. Part of me thinks this will work and part of me thinks there is no chance in hell.

(Our GM is eating a peanut butter and bacon sandwich for dinner. I think we're in trouble.)

Ajax is making absolutely sure that the agent can't contact Molo. Apparently he was just in time because Molo was trying to call her. Ajax grabs the call for our nefarious purposes.

Ajax banters with Molo, being nicer than I would, and plays the doctored audio file as proof that we took her out. Ajax demands 10K NY. Molo agrees to come. He probably thinks he can take us. Hopefully he'll be cocky.

The meeting is set for a street corner in Redmond. There are abandoned buildings on three of the four corners. We set our selves up for optimal shooting him full of holes. I'm down on the first floor of one of the buildings, so I can approach him physically if I need to.

("If there's anything I've learned in Shadowrun it's that vans are weapons."
~ Joe, only halfway joking
"And pilot programs can't make their rolls?"
~ Michael)

About two minutes later Molo arrives and gets out of his car and walks into the intersection. He doesn't even see us coming. Yorick and I both put bullets into him before he can react. He drops.

Ajax moves up from his cover and shoots Molo's prone body several times. Drew slings a rather impressive looking spell that unfortunately fizzles.

("The haduken spell is mana-bolt."
~ Joe)

Yorick covers me while I run over to the body and lean on his throat so he won't get back up. We cut off that damn bio-monitor and I stomp on it. Ajax calls the van and we drag ourselves and the body in. We triple bag his head and use plenty of duct tape to make sure that he won't be waking up until we want him to. Ajax shuts down Molo's commlink so no one will track us.

Back at the safe house we set up to watch Molo. Drew insists on taking off his fake cyber-legs. I think Yorick got video of the de-pantsing.

It's about 3am on Saturday morning at this point so we have about 36 hours until the game is over and we can let him go.

We arrange 6 hour shifts, with two people watching him at all times. Things are quiet. Drew conveys that Molo has already healed, he's full on essence, and is an adept as well as probably being a vampire. Yikes.

Ajax takes a vial of blood from the vampire. We figure that the doctor will want to look at it later. He heals at an absolutely unnerving rate.

(Aaron is having fun doing "vampire just waking up to attack us" impressions.)

"I think we all help, because he's a troll, you idiot."
~ Drew to Ajax who's trying to drag the vampire troll into the other room by himself

We put Molo in the bath tub so his head is under the water. I weight him down with some cinder blocks. I also put a tourniquet around his neck I've learned to be thorough when it comes to vampires.

We take six hour wakeness/guard shifts, since we're going to be here for so long.

( Shifts:
1 2 3 4
In case you're wondering, Lume has an adept power that means she doesn't need to sleep much.)

Shortly after dawn, Ajax apparently gets an incoming call on Molo's commlink. For some bizarre reason he answers it. It's the agent. He taunts her very briefly and then lets me crush the commlink so she can't call again. I'm pretty sure he's playing with fire, since she could have been trying to trace us.

("We're in the future now, are you going to join us?"
~ Eva)

("The call is coming from inside your pants! Get out of your pants!"
~ Michael, inventing new creepy pick up lines)

We talk about anti-vampire weapons for a while and I eventually convince Ajax to just get me some dowels and a utility knife. It takes Ajax about an hour to go out and buy some good 1" dowels. I'm guessing he doesn't go to hardware stores often.

I'm working on whittling down a dowel into a spear when, an enormous wispy tower of fire materializes in the living room. Fraggin' elementals.

("I'm asleep so I would obviously go first."
~ Joe, whose character was napping)

Before I can react, the elemental lashes out at me. The only thing that keeps me from being thrown back into the sink and mirror is the door post, which takes the brunt of the blow. My right arm, which was holding the knife I was using for carving is more than a bit charred. I land a kick on the elemental, but it slides out of the way of most of the damage.

Yoricks gun screams in the enclosed space of the apartment and spirit drifts and wavers more than it's already mirage like appearance would suggest. It dissipates or just flees, I'm not sure which. At least it's gone.

The others are being adamant about not killing Molo. I think this is getting ridiculous. It would be far less dangerous for us if he was dead. While Drew is patching up my arm, I convince Ajax to send the agent a message saying that she'd better not try that again or we'll kill him. (He actually doesn't threaten to kill Molo, just unspecified physical harm.) Fortunately, Drew is pretty good with the magical healing. My arm is almost as good as new.

While I clean up the living room and make sure that the bathroom door frame isn't going to smolder itself on fire, Ajax is doing some cyber-security checking and Drew is setting up a low level ward around the apartment.

Things are uneventful until around noon, when Ajax gets a message from Vasquez. Apparently the agent sent a text message through Vasquez. She's offering to top our Johnson's offer. We hadn't considered this possibility, so we hadn't figured out what our price would be.

We realize that we in fact, have not looked up info on the Johnson. Ajax was too drunk before, but that's not much of an excuse for us to get so sloppy. This whole run has been one huge mistake after another.

The Johnson turns out to be Thomas "Tank" Tankard, former NFL player, who is now a sports blogger. He's publicly stated that the he thinks the Seahawks are going to lose the game on Sunday. Ajax does some more digging and he's pretty sure that a lot of higher ups have betted against the Seahawks on this advice. So that has the potential to be very, very bad if we betray him.

After some arguing we think we aren't comfortable betraying the Johnson for anything short of an obscene amount of money. Ajax talks to the agent via some highly annonymized text messages. She offers us 50K to give Molo back now, but that is far too low for us. Ajax assures her she will get him back after the game and cuts communication.

The rest of the waiting is uneventful. The Seahawks lose 23-10. After the game ends, we get out of the safe house, leaving Molo behind. Ajax sends the agent the address where she can find him.

We drive around for about an hour and then head out to go meet with the Johnson. He's happy and he coughs up the 22.5K NY that he still owes us. We go hide in a new safe house for a day just to make sure that we don't have to deal with any repercussions from the job.

While we're hiding, Ajax looks carefully at the video he has of the agent when we tried to ambush her in the hotel room. Right before she goes to vapor, she drops the physical mask she was holding and its Rice. God damn it. At least we don't have a new vampire pissed at us I guess.

We each walk away with 7750 NY. At least we got paid for all that hell.

End of Session