Tuesday Apr. 3ed, 2007

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Session started at 7:17 on 04/03/2007

players: Ben, Michael, Eva, and Joe

GM: Aaron P.

So Ajax has pulled some bio-data from what looks like Molo's cyberware system. We manage to get a hold of the doctor via commlink and she looks over the data for us. She says that it looks like a legitimate cyberware system, at least the data isn't screaming at her. She's interpreted the raw data into some movements and notated some of the feedback data for us, so at least we have something to go on. I point out that we can compare the stuff she managed to extract to all the footage we have of him playing, including the dates and times. Ajax spends a few minutes getting that hooked up so his system can crunch the numbers for us.

After digging around in the resulting analysis for awhile, Ajax says he's pretty sure that the data is being generated from Molo's movements rather than his movements having come from the control of the cyberware. That must be a hell of an expensive spoof system. I wonder where he got something like that. It seems like it would have to be custom work.

"Why don't we just kill the Johnson?"
~ Drew, as we flail around for plans
"You don't get paid if you kill the Johnson!"
~ Lume

So, the new plan is just attack Molo and break his legs. Drew points out that he can purposefully botch an attempt to heal wounds so that Molo can't use magical healing in time for the game. So now it comes down to how are we going to ambush him and screw him up. Unfortunately, we don't have a good idea what his schedule is like anymore. We probably should have thought twice before releasing that stuff to the press. I never would have expected the unaffiliated press to suck as much as it did. Live and learn I guess.

Ajax decides to go back and take a look at Molo's system again so that he might be able to get us more in the way of info. He reports that Molo is downtown in an office and he has found the node for Molo's DocWagon bracelet. For once Ajax actually has a good idea. He thinks we should pose as a DocWagon team, set off Molo's bracelet remotely with hacking and then when we show up to "investigate the hardware malfunction" we can shoot him in the knees, do our ineffectual healing and flee. I actually like this plan. I guess it had to happen eventually.

So we need DocWagon uniforms for this plan. Ajax is going to try arrange them.

(Ajax calls up his fixer, Vasquez, and arranges for four uniforms at a cost of 4000 NY total.)

("Fuck, shut the you up!"
~ Michael, to a theoretical rapper named Fuck)

"Or you could cast an illusion spell!"
~ Ajax on what we can do to disguise the van
"I could cast a force wall and we could spray paint it to look like DocWagon from one side."
~ Drew
"Drew... I've heard worse ideas, but all of them involved badgers."
~ Ajax

"I can't think of anything else stupid to say, so..."
~ Ajax

So Ajax has arranged for some uniforms, now we just need to disguise the van and us. Drew seems to think he can summon a spirit to obscure the van magically so if we do a crappy job no one will notice.

("In fact I'm sure the local gay men's roller derby is called CockWagon."
~ Joe)

So we should be getting the uniforms around 1am on Saturday morning. We might have a little time before he locks himself up for his day of pre-game hiding.

"I m n ur body fxin' ur wundz."
~ Aaron's thought on our ghetto DocWagon motto

We're going to have the van painted white tomorrow and Ajax is going to set up AR logos for it. With the spirit Drew summons making everything less easy to see we should be okay on that front. Ajax has gone "off" into the net to work on hacking the bracelet.

(Ajax finds a really bad love poem with a list of things that rhyme "Api". The node that he thought was DocWagon is not. It is set up to look sort of like DocWagon and is set to contact a particular matrix id when it's bio-monitor goes off.)

Ajax comes back with news that the bracelet is not DocWagon at all. Well, that frags our plan.

"Again, we are not killing him!"
~ Ajax
"Well we are now, because your plans all suck."
~ Drew

("Alright, let's stop ogling the unreasonably hot orc."
~ Joe, after we discuss the GM screen art at length)

Ajax mentions that he found a love poem to an "Api" on Molo's system. Okay... well I guess she's a helpful lead. Apparently the only name in Molo's address book that starts with "Api" is Apilasha Maharani, his agent. Well, that's something. Oh man! That's awesome, so we can just kidnap her and force him to throw the game. Heh. I like this plan.

It's about 10pm. So we still have some time. Ajax goes off to get some info on "Api".

(Unbenounced to us, he's trying to get into her commlink rather than looking up info on her first. Grr. He manages to be detected and sets off an alert in the system. He logs out before the system can trace him but doesn't get a chance to wipe the logs.)

It takes a lot longer than usual, but Ajax brings back some info on her. She's a talent agent, but really Molo is her only client who's made the public consciousness enough to show up in matrix searches. She's seen around town with Molo occasionally, but that's about it.

So our new plan is to lure the agent away with a spoofed message from Molo. Then we'll have to use hackery to keep them from contacting each other. The agent will go somewhere to meet "him" and we will kidnap her. I hope this one works. I'm sick of new plans every four hours.

Ajax writes up a spoof email and gets reservations in the downtown Westin for tonight and tomorrow. So now we just have to make our plan happen. We head down to the hotel and check in. We hangout for the day. Just after sunset Drew summons a beast spirit to aid us. He has to take a little nap after that, but we have a little time, so it's okay.

We managed to get a ceramic holdout with gel rounds past the hotel security, but that's it. Yoricks going to carry the gun and between that, my fists, and Drew's magic we'll have to hope we can handle one unarmed woman.

At 8pm on Saturday evening we send the message to the agent. Ajax hangs out in Molo's commlink and deflects any contact attempts. A few minutes later there is a knock on the door. Drew looks astrally and sees that there is one mundane, annoyed person outside the door. The person has an additional aura attached, but he's not sure what. Looking through the peephole I can see the agent, as expected.

I duck into the attached bathroom before Yorick opens the door. He stays behind the door so she can't see him. She strides into the room saying, "Molo, what's the meaning of this?" As expected she is somewhat irate. Yorick closes the door behind her and I come out of the bathroom. I go for a stun touch but she's quick and gets out of the way. I back off and Ajax starts talking her down. He convinces her that we were just trying to hire Molo away for another team. He convinces her to sit down in the room and gets Drew to mix up Manhattans for both of them.

"Oh! Drew! Drew! Are there ruffies in the wet bar?"
~ Ajax, via commlink

After a few seconds of Ajax talking, I knock over the bedside lamp loudly to distract her and we all prepare for the jumping. Yorick shoots her and she stumbles back out of her chair and falls to the floor, screaming incoherently. She sounds really pissed. Acid sprays from between her hands at Yorick, so I guess the screaming was some sort of spell. He yelps as some of it hits him in the left side and leg. I launch a kick at her, but she manages to roll out of the way.

(Meanwhile Ajax is trying to get into her commlink. He manages to find it.)

Drew takes cover behind the couch and Yorick pops off another shot at her. He hits her in the head. Even if it is a gel round, that must have hurt a hell of a lot. After the impact, she sort of flickers and then there is cloud of mist there instead of an Indian woman. Shit!

I try to swing at her but my hands pass right through the mist. Drew tries to throw a spell but it fizzles. The spirit he summoned earlier pops into the physical just in time to see her zip off into the ventilation shaft. God Damn it!

Drew sends his spirit after her astrally and we make good our escape, since this has gone all to hell.

End of Session.