Tuesday Mar. 27th, 2007

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Session started at 6:53 pm on 3/27/2007

Attending players: Joe, Michael, Ben, and Eva

Presiding GM: Aaron

So we are trying to firm up our plan for incapacitating Molo. We're going to have to do some surveillance to make sure we know what the deal with his hookers is before we move.

It's Saturday November 27th, 2070.

Molo's got girls' names penciled into his schedule for almost every day, so we should have plenty of chances to figure out what the details is.

We're batting around the idea of trying to listen in on the Molo's conversation with his agent at that meeting that Ajax pulled from his calendar. Apparently the meeting is in a place called Dante's Inferno. Ajax is a bit apprehensive, because apparently the place has a super high security down in it somewhere.

Drew does some astral recon on the place. When he comes back he says he isn't willing to try anything against their magical security. Okay... Ajax is apparently so not cool with the place that he decides to clean up his back door into Molo's system now. He'll put it back in later, closer to the time we need it.

We set up a plan to surveil Molo's Monday evening hooker appointment. We drive around the block a few times in the van to get the lay of the land. The place the appointment is set for is a town house. It's in a nice place, probably A or B security. The mailbox's AR says the house belongs to Sally Milicent.

According to Ajax, Sally's a high class hooker who's into some relatively kinky stuff. Sally is also an orc. Ajax has pulled up some pictures. She's relatively attractive, especially for an orc. As far as Ajax can tell she works for an agency called Traumwerk LLC. It looks like a pretty standard high class escort service. Ajax says that the other names from Molo's schedule match up with other girls at their service. There's a public database available via their website, so Molo's probably seen pictures of the girls.

The girl he has lined up for Friday is "Georgette." She's human at least. Ajax wants to pull some sort of weird switch in Traumwerk's database, but I think the rest of us are a little dubious. Also, Traumwerk is a big company with branches world wide. If they catch us screwing around they have the resources to smack us down. They're distantly owned by Horizon, which makes me more than a little nervous.

So Ajax is working on getting into the Traumwerk's website. Meanwhile Yorick is getting me done up in a nano-paste disguise so we'll have a picture to put on it that is not me. It takes Ajax over 4 hours to hack into the site.

(Yorick only gets two hits on Lume's disguise for the pictures.)

We are parked down the street from Sally's house, having a discussion with Dezzy about what it means to be very quiet, when Molo pulls up in front of the town house in a nice sedan. He gets out and walks up to the front door. He just opens it and walks in. So I guess she had it set up to open for him. I doubt she just left the door unlocked.

Drew is trying to get some info out of a watcher. Apparently there are no wards or magically active people in the building, so Drew goes and takes a look astrally.

Drew comes back and almost immediately says that we should leave the area now. We head off to a quiet parking garage while Ajax finishes his hacking.

Drew reports that they were engaged as expected, but the woman has lower essence than he would have expected, given that she has no cyberware. Also Molo has much higher essence than Drew would expect and he's some sort of adept. He also has no cyberware at all. Okay, well that's an exciting turn of events. All of this seems to have creeped Drew out a bit, although I'm not clear why.

So, there is the possibility that we could just report him to the football authorities as an adept. We'd need some proof, but we should be able to find that. Drew says that Molo is using something to mask his aura, so that means that our best bet might be to get someone to see him in an "unguarded" time like while he's having sex.

(It didn't occur to me to figure out who was masking Molo's aura for him at this point. I kicked myself for this several sessions later.)

So... Ajax is drafting an "angry fan letter" with some info and outraged upset and such. I don't think any of us really think this will work. He also sends it off to several large pirate news agencies with a little tweaking.

Just about nothing comes up in the news in the next few days. The folks running the pirate stations are completely inept. The managed to allert Traumwerks before following up on any of the leads. How stupid do you have to be to realize that the corp will cover it's client's tracks if you give them a chance? There's some buzz on the fan sites and boards, but most of them think it's all some sort of smear campaign and they stand behind Molo.

Ajax lays out the money to buy the feed data from all the existing games he's played so that we can look at them and hopefully pick up something useful. It's mostly boring crap. North American football is a terrible game. Watching him move, I'm pretty sure he's had some judo and possibly a little tae quan do. He definitely has some martial training anyway. He has the balance and rolling force deflection down pretty well, and he isn't relying on pure strength as much as some of his exploits might suggest. This makes me even less comfortable in a situation where I have to fight him hand to hand.

So, now we are back to planning square one. Ajax is talking about doing some sort of expose at the game, but I'm really highly against that. We talk about other ways that we can stop him or stop the Seahawks in general. We have a few ideas with exposing his legs, letting the rest of the team know he's an adept and paid more than him, kidnapping him via his ride to the game... I'm not feeling terribly optimistic at this point.

While we talk about it, Ajax goes back in to do some more electronic recon on Molo's system. It takes him rather a long time, most of the night, but when he gets back he's more than a little shaken and has some log data from Molo's internal cyber system to go over.

End of Session