Tuesday Mar. 20th, 2007

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Session started at 7:00 pm on 3/20/2007

Attending players: Joe, Michael, Ben, and Eva

Presiding GM: Aaron

The doctor got called away by an urgent message from the airline that's supposed to have her tickets to Boston, so I have to stay over and make sure drunken Ajax doesn't die in his sleep. I doze in a chair for part of the night, but I'm awake before he finally fades into consciousness around 8am.

He's definitely still drunk. The doctor said that I can't leave him alone until after 11 or so, since he might be impaired enough to hurt him self by accident. He has a lot of questions about us having hired Drew, taken a job, and what he did last night. At least he seems to feel bad about throwing up in the van.

Ajax calls a team conference about stuff via commlinks. We talk about the job and about Molo Redwing. I'm not sure Ajax is happy to have this job, but he'll just have to cope, since he wasn't there to do the talking for us.

It's Friday November 21st, 2070. The game we have to fix is on the 30th. We bring Ajax up to speed and then send him off into the matrix to sort out getting us information.

According to Ajax's research, Molo is a running back. He is well on his way to beating all sorts of rookie records. He's got obvious metal legs as well as claiming to have an undisclosed amount of other cyber and bioware.

("The University of Upper Iowa, where we teach everything but Geography."
~ Aaron)

Other than that, Molo is a huge mystery. No one knows much about him. He was drafted out of a small town college, but that's about it. He's apparently got ridiculous stamina and he's fast as all get out. Even if he doesn't have any combat training, I'm not sure I'd want to try to take him down if he sees me coming.

The Seahawks practice at their home stadium Tuesdays through Fridays. They also have an away game between now and the 30th.

We apparently have a few dozen very bad plans available. The best we can come up with so far is to engineer some sort of un-specified accident to trash Molo's legs. He would be able to recover fully but it would take a lot of time to get them replaced and recover from the surgery.

So we really need to know more about his schedule. After some poking Ajax can't get much about Molo's schedule directly, but he does find out that Molo has an agent. He says he's going to hack into the agent's commlink for info. I hang around for the first few hours of hacking, but around 11 I go out for lunch. When I'm walking back in the door with the food, Ajax is just finishing getting his head out of the net. I've never understood how he can be happy spending hours with his head firmly planted in the digital world. Sitting still that much is unnatural.

Ajax has pulled some info from the agent including: info on where he lives, what he gets paid, etc. He also has some sort of very well secured sub-file with Molo's contract in it. He doesn't think he can get it open, but if it's just the contract we won't really need the info to do our job.

After a lot of discussion, we settle on a kidnapping plan. So we'll need more info on his personal schedule and the security around him. He apparently has an apartment downtown, so I guess we can start there. Ajax is pretty sure that the building is AAA, so not a very good place to go after him.

Drew has an amusing sense of humor. We harass Ajax for a while until he gets frustrated and drops into AR mode to avoid us. He comes back out in a few minutes saying that he hacked into Molo's head. So now he has better schedule info and some notes on the visible cyber-systems in there. According to his virtual day planner Molo leads a very promiscuous life. He's got a string of girls names penciled in on almost every day of the week. He's seeing a Sally next Friday at 22:00 out in Belleview. He also has a meeting in the evening of the 24th to see his agent.

Ajax's tentative plan is to put me in place of Sally so I can ambush Molo. I am not thrilled with this, but if it's the only plan we can work out I'll try to deal.

End of Session