Tuesday Mar. 6th, 2007

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Session started at 6:50 pm on 2/27/2007

Attending players: Joe, Sarah, Ben, and Eva

Presiding GM: Aaron

(Joe is joining us this session as "Drew", who is really Lou from Michael's previous campaign. Lou is in hiding, which is why he's using the different name and is not with his wife.)

We've decided that our group needs some more magical firepower. The doctor is talking about going off to Boston for awhile to get the kid squared away. She's got him in some temporary shelter right now in the hopes of getting him out of catatonia land while she waits on Ajax, who's handling the tickets and fake SINs. Anyway, we'll need someone to keep us afloat while she's gone.

(Yorick gets a message from his contact "Mouse" asking if he'd like to make quick 500 NY. When he talks to Mouse he learns that the job is to pick up a Troll from the border. Yorick agrees to do it and gets the payment up front.)

Yorick mentions we have a little job to pick someone up at the border. No real resistance expected. We rent a four seater and head up there. Just a few miles south of the actual border Yorick spots a Troll hiding in a bush on the side of the road. He seems to be mostly okay. His clothing screams hippy shaman.

He introduces himself as Drew. Seems like a nice enough guy. He says he's a Terra First! member and he has some experience in smuggling but that right now he's looking for work in Seattle. He says he used to be a runner a long time ago. He confirms he's a shaman.

On the way back to the city he's doing some sort of summoning ritual in the back seat. I don't recognize it, but I haven't seen much shamanic magic up close. After that he dozes for the rest of the trip.

(We make some jokes about Ajax spending Friday night keeping Dezzy company. At some point they'd just be driving around singing the driving song together...)

As we get into town the doctor mentions that she needs to stop by the shop to check on an appointment she was supposed to take. We swing by and leave the doctor there.

(Her contact, the guy who owns the shop, tells the doctor privately that he has a job for her. He asks her to talk to someone who is somehow associated with the Seahawks, the football team, about something they need to get them into some sort of finals.)

The doctor calls saying there might be a job for us. It has something to do with American football. Okay... Apparently we have a meet out in Puyallup.

After some silent discussion we offer Drew a temporary position with us. He seems amiable to that.

It's late afternoon, so we go get some dinner before the meet. After a bit of negotiation we settle on a middle class fast food sort of place. The doctor does some research on American football while we're waiting for our food.

From what the doctor can pull up, American football sounds entirely boring to me. I find it a little amusing that they frown on phys-ads but are fine with fully cybered or biowared norms. According to the doctor, we're meeting with an agent who's got something to do with the Seahawks. The Seahawks were on a losing streak, but they've turned it around because they just signed a Troll running back by the name of Molo Redwing. He's apparently chock full of cyber and very talented.

Around the appointed time we head over to the abandoned high school football field where the meet is going to be.

We send Drew to do a little astral recon before we head onto the field. He comes back to report that there are is a single male person in the field. Okay. Well in we go.

The Mr. Johnson is waiting on the field. He's rather large and healthy orc. He's pretty tall. He greets the doctor as Cordae. After a short discussion of tattoos and other body mods, he gets down to business. Apparently the Seahawks have a rivalry with the Calgery Raiders. The two teams will be playing on the 30th and he wants to make sure the Seahawks lose. He says it needs to look like a legitimate game. He also doesn't want us to kill anyone if we can help it.

He's offering 25 K NY, 10% up front.

"There is no cure for stunbolt, so I could probably stunbolt him into next week."
~ the doctor, via commlink about disabling Molo

After some debating we take the job. The Johnson says he'll meet us back here 2 hours after the game. We get the 2500 NY up front.

The game is on the 30th. So we have until then to gimp the Seahawks. We decide to find Ajax and make him get us some info before we start planning.

(In a conversation with Drew about the evil sheet we found long ago...)

"Today's episode is brought to you by the letter umlaut."
~ the doctor
"That's not a letter!"
~ Lume
"It's children's programming, do they really know the difference?"
~ the doctor

We find Ajax in Dezzy. Dezzy agrees to meet us in a particular parking garage. According to Dezzy, Ajax is passed out in the back seat. Dezzy arrives... we really need to talk to him about running into things.

Ajax is apparently not only passed out, but he threw up all over the back of the van. Lovely. So we go back to Ajax's apartment to sober him up.

("It's not 'dealing with football'. It's 'destroying sports'."
~ Joe's words of encouragement)

I douse him down with cold water in the bathroom. He's vaguely coherent, but not very useful. I get him into his bed propped up on his side so he won't die. He's out like a light.

We decide to come back in the morning when Ajax is more useful and we can get info to plan what we're doing.

End of Session