Tuesday Feb. 27th, 2007

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Session started at 6:52 pm on 2/27/2007

Attending players: Sarah, Ben, and Eva

Presiding GM: Aaron

So we have both the bodies, Kay's commlink, and the kid. We hightail it out of there in the van. Yorick picks out a safe house for us while Ajax is making nice with the commlink.

Ajax pulls 6422 NY off of the commlink directly. It's going to take some more work to get to the rest of her assets. Ajax also pulls out an email from a guy called FrameRate. It contains a copy of the conversation that Ajax had with the contact for drop-off. There's also a note saying, "You'll have ten of fifteen minutes alone with the target. I can't stall them any more." It's nice to know there's someone else who needs to pay.

We settle down into the safe house. After a lot of work, Ajax comes up with the fact that Kay isn't actually all that well to do. Most of her income comes from a trust fund. There's also a recent transfer of just about 6K NY that goes to the same matrix id as the email from FrameRate.

She doesn't get direct royalty payments, so maybe that goes into the trust fund. Her social calendar is pretty empty, so maybe we can pretend to be her and draw her trust fund payments for a month or two.

After some searching, Ajax can tell us that FrameRate is a hacker and possibly a shadow runner. The matrix id he pulled gets him no where.

Ajax calls the Johnson. He claims the other team is waiting for us. He at least pretends to be surprised that we were ambushed.

The doc does some recon on the meet site and reports back that there are at least four people with what is probably a vehicle. One of them is a magic user who's about as good as her. They weren't overtly hostile so that's good.

After a short but amusing conversation with dezzy, we arrive at the crossroads again. I get out with the body wrapped in a blanket.

There a female human (Street Smarts), a female troll (Jennii), male dwarf (Short Stuff), and a male orc (Frame Rate). The female human appears to be the leader. She greets me and I offer the body. She's a bit upset that the woman's dead, but she's being professional about it. I put the body down and she asks "FrameRate", the male ork to go get it.

"Oh so Frame Rate is on your team! That fucker owes you whatever you were getting for the live bonus, since he's the hacker that screwed everything up!"
~ Lume, darkly amused

After some upset on the part of the other team, I manage to get across what happened and Ajax sends the leader woman the evidence electronically. By this point she's got a gun pointed at Frame Rate. She demands that he open his commlink to her. About two seconds later she blows him away. That's the easiest revenge I've ever been part of.

The woman, as it turns out, is called Street Smarts. She apologizes for what happened and offers us Frame Rate's share of their take to make up for it. I think 7K makes us just about square. We exchange some pleasantries, they take the body, and we all head out.

We hear from the Johnson shortly after that and get our second 8K NY. That puts each of our shares for this job at 7356 NY. We head back to the safe house to lay low and try to figure out what we're doing with the poor kid.

After a lot of discussion, we decide that the doctor is going to take the kid to Boston. She thinks her uncle can find a good psychiatrist to help him. I think she's also jones-ing to spend some time back in Boston. She's been a little homesick I think. She thinks she'll be back in a month or two.

(Out of character, Sarah may be missing game for the next six weeks if she gets an internship like she hopes to.)

(We handle some buying of things. I buy my intuition from 2 to 3 for a cost of 9 karma.)

End of Session