Tuesday Feb. 20th, 2007

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Session started at 6:48 pm on 2/20/2007

Attending players: Michael, Sarah, Ben, and Eva

Presiding GM: Aaron

We are on floor 348. Everyone is more or less healed now. I'm so glad we have the doctor with us. After a few minutes of rest, it occurs to me to suggest that we send another spirit to conceal the door downstairs before it attracts too much attention.

The doctor summons another earth elemental and sends it downstairs to conceal the door. We head downstairs. I carry the kid.

About 200 floors later we are at the level of the target's apartment. The target greets us with the pistol. How terribly amusing. She calms down again when she sees her son. We eventually convince her to let us extract her.

So now we have an issue of how to extract the kid when we don't have clothing for him. We settle on the plan of hanging out in the top of the elevator and crossing the bridge when we get there.

We head down to the floor where the elevator-hole is and the doctor talks to her spirit. She reports that the hole has attracted a lot of attention... we decide to go in through the door on the floor above. Unfortunately, the spirit totally screws up opening that door and makes a lot of noise. It sounds like he dropped one of the doors on top of the elevator.

We decide to give this elevator up for dead and move on to a different one. We pick a different elevator on the far side of the building. Ajax reports that there are a large number of booted feet descending on the side of the building with the broken elevator. Okay, definitely time to leave.

The doctor calls her spirit and it busts the door. We gear up with the rope and climb down carefully. The target loses her grip but Ajax manages cling to the wall and keep her from falling.

When we get down to the 5th floor we hang out and wait while Ajax hacks the elevator. He brings it up right under us and turns off the roof sensors so we can stand on the top of the elevator to change. Once I'm in my normal clothes I head down into the elevator on the 5th floor and pick up some clothes for the kid.

I drag the clothes back to the elevator and we get the kid dressed.

("You're ingesting that shit you know, right?"
~ Aaron about the fine "Green River" soda that Ben is drinking
"Eh, I've got kidneys for a reason."
~ Ben)

There is in fact a military presence around the bottom of elevator that we totally fucked up. So glad we didn't come down that one. We walk casually out of the building and to the van. We drive away from the scene of the crime.

The target is getting a bit freaked out by dezzy.

("On the up side, both dezzy and the target can't talk at the same time."
~ Eva, while dezzy is singing his driving song
"Hey! Shutup!"
~ Aaron)

Ajax calls in to arrange pickup. We apparently have to be up in Redmond. So it's going to be about an hour drive. Ajax spends some time explaining the world to the target while we're driving. Apparently Ajax is still keeping that virtual pet. Heh.

When we get there, there is no one there yet. We drive around the block a few times.

("No, this place looks kind of dingy. Even the graffiti seems kind of abandoned."
~ Aaron)

Suddenly out of the ground rises... a giant fire elemental thing looking like some sort of horrifying balrog creature. It just as quickly phases out of our reality. Shit.

Yorick bails out of the van with the kid. I grab the target and drag her out and the doctor and Ajax follow me.

(The doctor tries to summon a spirit to fight the fire spirit, but fails.)

I manage to spot a fire hydrant on one of the corners and I head towards that. I kick the hydrant, but I'm not getting any water yet.

The spirit appears about 10 meters off the ground above the middle of the intersection. It advances on the target and me and engulfs us in a cloud of smoke. My eyes are watering so much I almost can't see and the target collapses on the ground choking violently.

Through the haze I can just make out Yorick as he fires several bursts into the spirit. The spirit doesn't seem too phased.

The doctor is babbling something about a water spirit, but it's all I can do to keep my feet and try to keep myself between the target and the fire spirit. I need to keep her from getting gacked. That's 15K and the doctor's conscience on the line there.

Ajax also gets out his pistol and fires on the spirit, but it's not even paying attention to him.

The spirit fires a huge fireball at us. I manage to sling the target across my back and dive/roll out of the way. Miraculously we do not get incinerated. The guys are still firing on it and I can hear the molten lead splattering on to the nearby buildings as it passes right through the fire elemental.

The doctor heads over towards me and Ajax moves over by Yorick and the kid, who Yorick put down on the ground.

The thing hovers closer to us and I try to get her out of the way of it's blow, but I'm not able to. She crumples on the ground. The doctor is trying to help her, but I'm not sure she's going to make it.

At least the god damned elemental is within reach. I try to hit it but it floats up out of the way.

Ajax blasts the spirit and it disappears with a high pitched angry crackly wail. The doctor starts to stabilize the target and the others cluster around. I'm still trying to keep my eyes open.

A guitar power cord rings out and the target coughs up blood and lies still. Yorick has tagged movement on top of one of the nearby buildings.

("You know I hate to say this, but this situation is going to provoke overtly evil actions from several of our characters." ~ Eva)

Ajax shoots the movement on top of the building and it stops moving. Ajax and I sprint up to the top of the building. The woman is in fact Kayla Kay. She's not dead. Well she wasn't dead until Ajax stomped on her throat. Oh well. She deserved worse but I guess that's the best we can do.

Her doc wagon bracelet is going off. I'm ready to cut it off of her but Ajax is telling me to wait. After a few seconds of Ajax concentrating, the bracelet pops off on it's own. We grab the body and run. We bail into the van where the doctor, Yorick, the target's body, and the kid are already and peal off.

Ajax is working on her commlink trying to make sure that it's not sending off any nasty signals. He shuts it down so there's no trouble.

End of Session