Tuesday Jan. 30th, 2007

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Session started at 6:48 pm on 1/30/2007

Attending players: Michael, Ben, and Eva

Presiding GM: Aaron

So, our plan involves learning about the guards so we know when and where they are. We pick out some guards to knock out and figure out how they get upstairs. I still don't like the part where we will be going into a huge building having no idea where our target is. It's only a manner of time before the military catches on.

("We are assuming the existence of technology that will assist us."
~ Ben
"And if it doesn't?"
~ Eva
"*knocks on table* Candy gram. *knocks on table* Magic easter juice delivery..."
~ Michael
~ Eva)

It's Tuesday the 18th of November.

After a very strange conversation where Ajax is poking Yorick with weird questions, we head to the mall to gather some info about the guards. It's pretty quiet. There are some mall walkers and what I think is a tour bus worth of old people flocking around with a guide. I shudder to think who would feel this mall is worth a tour stop, but whatever.

Ajax has compiled some patrol routes and drone routes after we're there for about half an hour. He asks Yorick and I to take a walk around and try to figure out the most optimal ambush points. After some observation and comparing notes, we are pretty sure that the individual guards are each sticking to a zone that they wander around randomly. When they do leave their zones, a drone or two will close in and cover the area. Each guard is covering an area to 500 to 1000 square meters. They can see each other too.

Ajax is interested in hiring an illusionist to cover a kidnapping. I'm not feeling super good about this. The doctor says that none of the guards she's seen are magically active. We watch the guards for a while longer and confirm that they take food and bathroom breaks in the mall. They also are relieved by other guards. So we would need to be able to pass for particular guards.

Ajax is talking about getting a contract mage to disguise us, but I'd heard that you can just get nano paste masks that will let you look just like someone. Ajax apparently had heard so too, 'cause he perks right up when I mention it. After some poking around online he tells us that we can in fact use some nano paste, we just have to get a face scanner so we can get biometric data on the guards we're impersonating. He's digging around looking at different scanners I think.

(Yorick is over hearing a guard exchange. There's a dwarven woman approaches them and asks them to help her find her uncle who lives in the ACHE. The guards politely refuse and direct her to the city hall. They move away quickly to avoid additional questions.)

The kid reports that the guard exchange he overheard was just a casual conversation. So we might be able to bluff this.

"So we'll stand on a street corner with a sign saying 'Will Run for Bioscanner'?"
~ Lume

"My idea of spoofing a retinal scanner is, WACK WACK WACK! *panomimes hitting something with a crowbar*"
~ Ajax, joking

Ajax isn't sure if we need to spend some time getting a more optimal bioscanner to scan the guards' faces, but after some discussion between ourselves we decide that we can probably handle it by ourselves.

This whole plan is beginning to sound a bit overly convoluted to me. Way too many points of failure... (after some discussion with the GM) I point out that, can't Ajax just hack one of the guard's comlinks and then spoof it too control the elevator? Then the military won't be tracking us and we won't be worrying about bodies being found downstairs.

After some heated arguments and a lot of leaning on Ajax to let go of the complex plan we end up with something I think is much more workable. Ajax will get some guard commlink information a head of time. On the day of the run he will spoof the guard commlink and we'll use the elevator to go upstairs. Ajax will hack the elevator into thinking that it is traveling around while really it's waiting for us to use it for an escape. We'll all change into lime green flats and enter the upper floors. Then comes the tricky part we'll need to find the woman, make sure she isn't chipped and tracked, and get her back down to the elevator. We are still a little unclear on how we will be finding her, but it's better than our previous revision. Ajax will handle any nearby security video (if there is any upstairs) and we'll all change back into street clothes in the elevator and then escape through the mall very nonchalantly.

I'm way more comfortable with this plan.

Ajax is okay with the idea of maybe having to hack the elevators, but we still need to get the comlink ids from some guards so we can fool the elevators into going upstairs. We loiter in a store near the elevator while Ajax snoops on some guards wireless presence.

He says they are directing the elevators with simple commands and their ids so, Ajax has a couple ids to use so we are all good for now.

("Please do not disturb, I am mooking."
~ Ben)

Ajax is over thinking the small things. We can get through this I think.

("And it confused the readings? The spam pants?"
~ Ben)

We head back out of the mall to go get our equipment ready for the run.

Rough equipment list:

("It's very hard to drink cake."
~ Michael
"Yea you can, you just add sugar to Guiness."
~ Eva)

("The part of Sarah was played tonight by this Chemistry book."
~ Michael
"Yes, the book also gets one karma."
~ Aaron)

End of Session