Tuesday Jan. 23ed, 2007

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Session started at 6:55 pm on 1/23/2007

Attending players: Michael, Ben, Sarah, and Eva

Presiding GM: Aaron

Ajax's current plan is to find someone else who's in the ACHE, call them, and try to talk them out of some information about Diedra's location. I'm not sure this will work in any way, but if he wants to do the talking, I'm not going to stop him.

Ajax starts looking up colorful homeless performers from back before the ACHE was opened as a homeless home. He turns up a young elven man who used to play the flute in the downtown. He can't get the guy's name though. He's awfully frustrated about this. I don't think the matrix is playing nice.

I think Ajax has had it with searching the electronic world for today. He suggests that we all ask the "people" we know and try to see if we can turn up any useful info. All the people I know are in Amazonia, so I guess I'll go to my Tai Chi class this afternoon while the others sort this crap out.

(Ben's a robot.)

(The doctor checks back at the tat shop she works in. The guy who works there. He actually has an old customer who visited him from the ACHE, but he didn't know the guy's name. The guy didn't recognize a commlink and was more than a little out of it. The tat parlor still has a record of the tat he gave the guy. The tat looks like an upside down three. The bottom part is flat. The tat is apparently on his arm.)

The doctor is gone for about half an hour when I get an email from her addressed to the whole team. She apparently knows someone who got a visit from one of the ACHE residents. She doesn't have a name but she says the guy wore lime green flats and was more than a little mentally vacant. He also had no idea what a commlink was, so they either have no tech inside or the guy was just too out of it. I'm not clear on which seems more likely.

On the positive side, we have some chance of finding info on when they let folks out by looking for lime green flats.

"I know what you're thinking and I'm not wearing lime green flats!"
~ Lume
"Awww... you'll look good."
~ Ajax
"You're Mr. Fashion, you put them on... and then I'm praying for rain."
~ the doctor

Ajax suggests that we use the lime green flats to get into the ACHE. I'm not sure I like that this plan, but it's better than the one where we blow up the ACHE... Ajax turns up a lot of pictures of people in green flats. He thinks from the date pattern of pictures that the ACHE probably sends folks out on the last Sunday of the month, which coincidentally is the last day of our extraction.

Yorick is suggesting that we mug some military personnel in the mall and use their commlinks to get into the housing part of the ACHE, locate Diedra and get her out of there. I'm a bit apprehensive about how we are going to hide the body(s) for the amount of time that we need. Also, I point out that we will have to bring clothes for Diedra. I'm not smuggling someone wearing lime green flats out of the ACHE.

So we need to get more information on the guards in the mall and how they authenticate. The kid brings up the thought that we need to pick guards whose clothes we can fit into. I agree this is important. I'm not going to look convincing with 6 inches of leg showing.

We still have some time to do a bit more poking around and see if we can get more info outside of the mall. I'm not holding my breath for good info, but it probably won't hurt to look some.

Ajax is pulling up some photo matches which might be people in the lime green flats. I take a look at them. I guess some of them might be the same, but I don't know. I'm not really impressed with his matching. He eventually turns up some other stuff that is a little better.

("Is there a Mr. Rogers in the ACHE? Could I talk to him?"
~ Eva, joking
"It is a beautiful day in the ACHERwood."
~ Michael, joking)

("You have a brain the size of Mt. Rushmore. You wanna do something with it?"
~ Michael
"It's made of very tired rocks. You wanna hear them rattle?"
~ Ben)

(We make some more jokes about prank calling the ACHE.)

Ajax calls the ACHE looking for a random person. He leaves a cryptic message, but expects no call back.

So, our next step is casing the mall and getting info on the folks patrolling the mall. We'll get to that soon enough.

End of Session