Tuesday January. 2nd, 2007

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Session started at 6:34 pm on 1/2/2007

Attending players: Michael, Ben, Sarah, and Eva

Presiding GM: Aaron

(We spend some time buying stuff for our characters.)

thing done karma cost for me
Forming group with Chordae
(The Sisterhood of Cake)
  • attendance stricture
    (must meet once a season)
  • fraternity stricture
    (must help fellow member if asked)
  • limited membership, group stricture
    (only female)
Initiating at level 1 10 + (3 x 1) = 13
  • reduced cost for group
    (no ordeal)
-(20% x 13) = -2
total for initiation 11
Buying magic up to 7 (new level x 3) = (7 x 3) = 21
Raising Edge to 5 (new level x 5) = (5 x 3) = 15

total 52

(Now I have one more magic point to spend on powers. I spend it on raising my critical strike from level 3 to level 7.)

We have five weeks of down time while the doctor gets through her initiation thesis. I manage to get up to brown belt and spend some quality time with Dezzy. Ajax is interested in his former owner... and the agoraphobia. Dezzy apparently only knew the former owner for 3000 milli-seconds. I don't think that's so long. She was apparently taller than Ajax but shorter than me. He can't give us much more clear information on her. I guess she'll remain a mystery.

Ajax tries to get more info out of him about his fear of "big" places, but it's like trying to ask a 5 year old why it would be scary to be in the dark. We'll just have to deal with it I guess. Its a good thing we have a decent garage to keep him in so he'll be happy most of the time.

I don't see too much of the others during the down time. After the second week of being bored out of my skull I decide to take up going to Tai Chi classes in the afternoons. That helps some. I also pick up my search for higher grade tofu. I've found a little hole in the wall health food store on the outskirts of down town which shows some promise. What they've got on the shelves is marginally better than what I'd been getting at the farmers' market and the manager assures me that with a small deposit they will order me even better. We'll see when it comes in with their next out of town shipment in three weeks. Hopefully I won't be hiding in a safe house at that point.

End of Session