Tuesday Nov. 28th, 2006

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Session started at 6:47 pm on 11/28/2006

Attending players: Michael, Ben, Sarah, and Eva

Presiding GM: Aaron

So, we have to distract folks in the northern part of the sound in about 48 hours. Now would be the time for coming up with a cunning plan.

Unfortunately I'm distracted by the lingua soft that Ajax got for dezzy. He went kinda low budget so now dezzy is talking like someone from a bad Quentin Tarantino movie. It's hilarious when Ajax screws himself like that. He eventually gets tired of the weird language and asks dezzy to just go back to Portuguese. I guess I'll be talking to him for awhile. At least now dezzy can understand what people are saying in English. That's a good start.

We go back to talking about the plan. Politics, pirates, explosions.... people are bringing up all sorts of things. I find the politics most worry some. Too many people who you can't control have to do what you want...

("I fail to believe you're that well informed."
~ Eva, after Yorick says something that only B would know
"Oh the stuff I don't know would fill a book."
~ Ben)

After some debate we settle on creating some sort of semi-fake distress situation on one of the large ships. Ajax wants to place explosives in two ships to cause damage but not too much death and destruction. Sounds good to me. I suggest we frame Terra First! and Ajax suggests using RFID tags. Not bad.

We have explosives, so the next step is planning how to get across the border. I suggest a cute puppy to distract attention. Ajax is surprisingly okay with that. He picks up a cute little fuzzy guy from a small shelter. I name it Puppy, but I'm not sure Ajax believes me. He seems fine with calling it all sorts of other stupid names. Captain Pupulon my ass.

I have to explain the puppy to dezzy. It's rather amusing as he starts calling it "stupid puppy" after I explain it's too dumb to talk. Eventually talk meanders to where dezzy is staying while we're gone. We're all pretty sure dezzy is not going to like the outdoors areas we have to drive through. Ajax wants to get a new paint job on the van, so we find an appropriate garage, spend some time explaining all this, and leave dezzy behind with orders not to talk to the nice mechanics. Hopefully that situation won't light itself on fire while we're gone.

Ajax likes the puppy far too much. We head north across the border. The border guards are just as friendly and clueless as last time. I drive and Ajax looks into hacking the local port authority so we will have inside info.

(Ajax gets into the node. It looks like a giant bathtub with cute little rubber duckies running security and a little tug boat holding most of the data he wants.)

Ajax pops out and tells us he's into the system and he can mess with the shipping lanes enough to cause a traffic jam tomorrow. Along with the explosions that should cause plenty of chaos.

("Now I'm going to buy 20 hits, because I'm pretty sure it's on the Terra First! forum, who does Terra First! hate right now?"
~ Michael)

We have our pick of Horizon or Ares ships and should be able to easily frame Terra First!. The Horizon ones are carrying chips and other low security junk from south east asia while the Ares ones are carrying [CLASSIFIED]. So yea, let's not touch those.

Ajax puts the doctor and the kid on finding us a boat while I write up a rabid post for the Terra First! forums to encourage them to target the Ares ships. I guess the idea is more chaos = more better. Ajax is in charge of handling our accommodations and setting up the hour/evac plan.

Terra First! forum post:
"I had to post this! I just found out this afternoon that Ares is shipping in a group of awakened animals from Atlanta and they're slated for weapons and medical testing! I can't believe that they would do this! The ship is called the and it's coming in at

Heh. Just like that bitch Kari from 6th grade. I'm glad knowing her came in good for something.

We order some pizza and Ajax and I pick it up from the front office. As we are heading back to the room we are waylaid by a rather large troll. After a few seconds I recognize him as Jager, the guy who we paid off to get into Nabo's party. He's super happy to see us and drags us back to the other side of the complex where Nabo's having a party. It's rather hard to say no to a cheerful troll.

The party's about what I would expect. People are so dumb when they're drunk. Twister with Capoera moves is hilarious. I am however not a fan of contact highs. Astral perception is creepy. I manage keep myself and Ajax away from anything worse while we're at the party.

We get back to the room a little after midnight. Fortunately after a few hours of sleep I'm feeling normal again. We're up bright and early to head out for the harbor. I don't have a problem with this but Ajax looks more than a little worn. I guess a sleep regulator is going on his christmas list.

The two Horizon ships we're targeting are "The Vast Potential" and "The Great Mountain". We head for the VP first. First we have to fix the fact that the doctor and the kid got us a bright orange raft. Sigh. A can of black spray paint later we are all ready to go.

The kid's driving the boat and when we finally pull up to the hull of the VP we are confronted with a rather sheer surface. We break out the gecko gloves and head up the side of the boat. The doctor's meat stays behind but she follows us in astral form. It's a nasty climb, but we eventually get up there.

The kid and I get to the top before Ajax. The deck is deserted and I'm not seeing any cameras. On the up side I think I've convinced Ajax to take up jogging.

"I have good news and bad news."
~ Yorick
~ Ajax, gasping and wheezing
"The trip down is much faster."
~ Yorick

There's a door in the bulkhead near us. It leads to a stairwell which goes up and down. The doctor says the control room is up. The kid and I sneak up to take a look. There are four guys in the room. It looks like a control room at least. We change our target on the fly to the engine room so as to have fewer people to contend with. The doctor reports that it's downstairs and has one guy in it. Much better.

I sneak in and knock him out before he can yell. Ajax sets up the explosives (2 kg) while I stow the fallen crew member up in one of the lifeboats further down the deck. His friends should find him before he's in any danger.

Then we have to climb back down the side of the ship. The kid falls the last ten feet or so into the water, but he's a fine swimmer and seems okay.

Now we just have one more ship to go. Its a breeze. We find the engine room and set up the bombs just like the last one. I don't even have to knock someone out this time.

We head out to the evac. coordinates that Ajax set up, set off the bombs, and scuttle our boat. The harbor is a royal mess. It's over crowded, has two large ships on fire, and it sounds like some Terra First! folks took the bait and attacked the Ares ships. I can hear gunshots even this far away. The Ares ships are gearing up security and pushing their way out of the harbor forcefully. Man am I glad we didn't try to meddle with them.

On the up side, other than the Terra First! folks I don't think we did too much human collateral damage. That'll make the doctor happy.

In all the commotion, a hydrofoil takes off from a corner of the harbor and zips out in to the ocean. We get our 7000 NY and an email from the Johnson thanking us, but our evac. doesn't come. After about 10 min of waiting we can see that the coast guard is starting patrols up the nearby beach. We're going to need to head inland and handle our own evac. I guess. This'll be fun.

End of Session