Tuesday Nov. 14th, 2006

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Session started at 6:47 pm on 11/14/2006

Attending players: Michael, Ben, Sarah, and Eva

Presiding GM: Aaron

(We are ret-conning coming up with the list of 20,000 NY worth of gear the Johnson is going to pay us with. We were supposed to do it at the meet. We discuss vehicles and other large things we want.)

("It's the LoneStar default vehicle! We're going to ride around in a police car?!... No, No, I'm answering my own question for you, No."
~ Michael, when we are talking about getting a Chrysler Nissan Patrol Car)

(We decided on asking her for a used vehicle instead of other smaller supplies.)

("A body plus willpower roll?... Oh! I'm an alcoholic, I just remembered!"
~ Michael)

Ajax is mumbling through the gag. He sounds pissed. I start untying him. He is falling down drunk. Argh. Stupid fucking self destructive psycho-vampire things!

I get him up and walking and we head outside. Ajax is confusedly pointing out some wet footprints leading away from the door. It disturbs me that he notices more things than the rest of us put together even when he is totally blitzed.

We follow the footprints. They lead back to the club, lovely...

It's still loud. Ajax and the doctor pick out a wet guy heading downstairs through the crowd. We follow him, although the doctor and I have misgivings about going down there again.

(It's about 1 am and the crowd is thinning out a little, but not much.)

("So you got your upstairs and you've got your downstairs, which I'll draw for you, just so you can get a better idea of it, not for any tactical reason..."
~ Aaron)

The wet guy is working his way across the room. He's yelling something in the ear of another woman. B relays that he's saying that they grabbed the interloper and were attacked. The guy claims to be the only one who escaped. Suddenly the woman vanishes. SHIT!

We're still on the stairs and have a good view of the crowd. The doctor looks astrally and says the woman is zipping between half a dozen magically active people. She tags them. They are all turning towards us. The original woman also has the tingle of the dark horrible thing she noticed earlier in her aura.

We move under the stairs, assuming the crowd is going to be panicking in a minute. Ajax, impatient, draws his gun and fires up into the ceiling. I really hope he didn't hit anyone upstairs. The crowd starts screaming and running. I think most of them are too panicked to have registered where the shots came from. People are pushing past us to get upstairs. We all manage to duck down to the side of the bottom of the stairs before the panicked crush hits.

I feel the twinge of magic, and manage to dive out of the way as the area where the team was just standing exploded in a fireball. The doctor is more than a little singed, but I think the others are okay.

(The doctor has been hit with a mind control spell and is about to try to stop us so we can't kill a whole lot of people.)

I dive into the crowd so the mages will have a harder time targeting me. I push in between screaming, shoving people, searching for one of the targets I glimpsed from the stairs.

I hear a gun blare over the still pounding music, but I have no idea who's shooting or at what.

(The doctor hits B with a force 3 stun bolt, but he resists it.)

("You're teammate just threw a stunbolt at you."
~ Aaron
"That's interesting. I don't have a stunbolt."
~ B
~ Everyone else)

Ajax is saying something about B should attack the crowd and he'll take care of the doctor. She's showing up as not too badly hurt on my display... I'm not sure what's going on. I query the others, but mostly focus on looking for the targets.

(B also dives into the crowd. He finds and splatters the wet guy who ratted on us.)

I manage to catch a flash of the red coat one of the fraggers had on. I wiggle between panicking club-goers and close on her.

(A fake me has come out of the crowd and is attacking Ajax. Fortunately he manages to dodge.)

Ajax is yelling something about me. What? I'm distracted from this new inconsistency by a huge splash as a giant tower of murky water and steam rises out of the river. I suppose it wouldn't be a normal mission if things didn't go from chaotic to worse.

"Ajax, what the fuck are you yelling at me for? What the fuck is going on?"
~ Lume

I try to focus on the target, but I'm losing any idea about the overall situation which is very bad. I wail on the girl in red. Her armor seems to be deflecting most of my blows.

(Meanwhile Ajax is trying to fight off fake Lume. They are pretty evenly matched.)

(The doctor dives into the crowd to try to stop B.)

(The fake Lume cuffs Ajax around the ears, but he is mostly okay.)

(The water elemental moves up and attacks B. It absolutely smashes him.)

B's biomonitor is beeping angrily, shit...

I aim a targeted nerve strike at the red-coat's neck and she falls. Before she hits the floor I'm wiggling through the crowd towards to B.

("That's a moisturizer I don't want."
~ Sarah, talking about water elemental aura damage on engulf
"It's like Noxema but up your ass!"
~ Michael
"That's going to be my next toxic spirit, a Noxema elemental."
~ Aaron)

I think I'm hearing B firing wilding in to the elemental. It's rearing up over the railing and I can see the spatter from shots impacting it. I do the best I can to sprint through the terrified crowd.

The elemental is fragging huge. It's like a water elemental, but blasting steam all over. So, I'm going with the kicks again... not sure how much it's going to help since the thing outweighs me by several tons, but at least I can keep it off of B.

(Ajax is still struggling with the fake Lume.)

Ajax is yelling something about needing some backup. I'm a bit occupied keeping the elemental from killing B. I hope the doctor is okay. I think I caught a glimpse of her as I dived in front of B. She was still standing at least.

B is firing over my head at the elemental. It is splattering steam and hot water all over the surrounding crowd. The elemental tries to engulf me but I slip under the outstretched steamy water tentacle.

(The doctor has broken out of the mind control spell and is casting a spell to make herself move more quickly. Lume can't hear her over the screaming crowd.)

(Ajax is still fighting fake Lume. He hits her with a major hit, but it bounces off her armor! His eyes go wide and he turns and runs over to us to get away from her. She follows him but he's able to evade her attacks.)

B fires another volley into the water elemental and it explodes in a shower of steam which patters down all over the room.

Ajax is screaming something about bringing me a new toy as he streaks past. When I turn I'm confronted with a shadow of my own face. She isn't me, but she sure looks similar. I can see why she confused Ajax. Since no one else is threatening B, I close with her and land a solid blow into her gut. She's tougher than I expected and does not flinch.

(B has managed to get up and he spots the four other mages who are going to cause us trouble.)

She manages to dodge my second blow, a ground strike, but I squeak under her punch as well. She's not as fast as me, so I can pull this out in the long haul if I have to... as long as my friends can hold out that long.

(B is limping but he takes down another mage, who falls into the water. Then he gets hit by a stunbolt and goes down, very very dead.)

I manage to tag the woman again. She tries to hit me with some sort of mystical effect but I shrug it off.

(The doctor tries to summon a spirit, but isn't able to.)

She's suddenly got a whole lot more competent and I can't land a blow on her. She flashes a nasty grin at me and vanishes. Shit. No idea where she's gone.

All the bio monitors but mine are screaming. B's isn't registering a heart beat... Double Shit! I head across the room toward the remaining two visible targets.

(Ajax sends a message to Vasquez: "Looking for help.")

Ajax opens up and one of the targets drops.

I close on the remaining target. I hit him with a nerve strike, but not quite on the dot, so he stays up. Ajax hits him with several bullets. He wiggles out of a few more attacks and then makes the mistake of trying to run. I catch him at the base of the neck and he crumples.

The crumpled note sheet from the warehouse.

Ajax grabs B's body and we flee back to the hotel. The doctor fixes us up, but she can't do anything for B. He's well and truly gone.

Ajax spends the rest of the night digging all of the data out of B's comlink and cleaning it up. He takes B and the rental van to some out of the way place and explodes it with all of B's remaining grenades. Damn it...

While he's gone the doctor and I go back to check out the warehouse where we found Ajax. After some searching we find the withered bodies of the three reporters and their comlinks. It looks like all of them fell to dark habits and were drained to death by the evil mages/spirit. I also find a crumpled note in a strange language. I bring the note back for the doctor and the comlinks back for Ajax.

End of Session