Tuesday Sept. 12th, 2006

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Session started at 7:24 pm on 9/12/06

Attending players: Michael, Ben, and Eva

Presiding GM: Aaron

(We will be playing a canned adventure today. Aaron also notes that the adventure is meant for newbies, so we should be patient.)

It's Friday, Sept. 12th, 2070.

It's been two weeks since our last job and LoneStar's recent serve and protect campaign has meant lean pickings. The doctor is doing some surgery on the side, so that should at least keep our heads above water.

On the up side, Vasquez has contacted Ajax again, so I probably won't have to resort to muggings to make ends meet.

("Vasquez, what happened to your accent? Are you using a voice mask?" ~ Michael, innocently wondering why our fixer has turned box text on us)

Ajax is suffering from some sort of delusions of actor-hood. I eventually get out of him that we are going to be meeting a Johnson at a place called Infinity. He says it's a pretty nice place, that has pretensions keeping weapons out.

"So Baethan, what exactly are you packing?" ~ Ajax "I can't go anywhere." ~ B

We drop off our most illicit stuff and head over to the club. It's one of the new "hip" places that is trying desperately to be the cutting edge of trendy. The volume they are willing to run their baseline at makes me a bit nervous. It's harder to read people's movements when everyone has been forced into sync. The holographs are also annoying. They have some serious PAN spamming going on.

Ajax says we have to talk to the elf bar tender to meet up with our Johnson. The elf is not being helpful. Disturbingly not. I'm not seeing any watchers, though she is setting off my back-stab alarms. After a weird hesitation she directs Ajax to the "blue" room.

It's one of the rooms off of the back hall, not too bad, considering. There's a troll guy there waiting for us. He has no fashion sense whatsoever as far as I'm concerned. I don't understand why that crap that ugly could ever be trendy. Maybe the designers are having a big laugh at the rich idiot's expense.

The troll welcomes us, very enthusiastically, and declares that he's Mr. Johnson. He asks if Vasques sent us. Sloppy. We sit down and he explains that some musical related data on a disk was stolen from his employer's home and he wants us to get it back. Apparently it's an optical disc, not sure I've ever seen one of those. They want the disc and the data, preferring the data if the two have been separated. He wants us to track it down and destroy copies of the data if it's been distributed. He also wants us to take out whoever took it. Asking a lot. Not sure if we can even pick up the trail with so little info. Hopefully Ajax will be able to work his magic.

Apparently some other stuff was taken too, but the Johnson doesn't know much about it. We're offered 10,000 ¥, half up front, for the job. Ajax isn't able to argue him up any more than that.

We discuss it a little bit and agree to take the job. Despite the precious little detail that we have to go on. At the worst we can't find it and have to give the 5K ¥ back.

Ajax is going to do some matrix trawling so we head out in vehicles to drive around while he thinks. This is my least favorite part of being on Ajax's team. I swear the man must have been born in a damn car.

Ajax is babbling about talking to a friend of his called precious something or other. Ajax seems to think he's famous, but I've never heard of him. Well at least he might get some info out of him.

Ajax does his glassy eyed thing, and B and I are left to wait until he's got more info. I hate these car rides. I've been trying to work on my slight of hand, but even that gets tiresome after an hour or two of sitting still. I don't know how Ajax can stand to be in one place for so long.

Ajax turns up that Mr. Enthusiastic is Darius St. George, a music producer who usually prefers to be "behind the scenes" rather than a front line personality. I can see why. Apparently there are rumors that he trawls clubs for new talent, might be hopeful thinking on someone's part. There are also rumors that he is working for someone high up, that the music thing is just a hobby. The normal vaguely ominous crap.

Ajax gets something back from his precious friend saying that someone has sent out emails trying to get folks to buy some work by a mysterious new artist. One of the recipients is Nabo, whoever the hell that is. I guess this precious guy heard him joking that he didn't know Elvis was still recording. No idea what that means.

(Oh Gawd! The boxed text is so bad!)

It turns out that Nabo is an up and coming Orc rocker. Not sure why they'd be trying to sell the disk off to him. Ajax says that Nabo is playing in a warehouse in Redmond tonight, before he leaves town on a tour. I guess Nabo used to be in the Black Fangs gang. His name is short for Lunabo which is some sort of vague sexual slang in Orzat. Anyway, his friend Jaeger is doing security at the concert. Ajax also got that Jaeger has a nova-coke habit.

("I've been on every single one of the internets, and that's the worst one" ~ Michael about MySpace)

("Those were my only eyes!" ~ Michael)

("I'm totally behind Orcsploitation!... I didn't quite mean it like that." ~ Michael)

("I'm going to refer to it as your rich cultural heritage." ~ Michael on Orzat "Then we fall back on my plan. We bribe then with bullets." ~ Ben)

So we're going to score some nova-coke to bribe Jaeger and see about getting back stage at the concert to talk to Nabo about the offer he got for the disk.

Ajax pegs a dealer by his scarf and shoes on the way to Redmond. He lays out for 400 ¥ worth of nova-coke. It seems a bit excessive to me, but Ajax is feeling too white today to get backstage on plausible fan-hood I guess.

(Shadowrun ABC's! Woo!)

We head over to the concert... the doc called, she's finished the surgery she was performing, so we're going to pick her up on the way there.

End of Session