The Delineator (Sept 1880)

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I purchased this Magazine, along with several other issues from the 1880's, from a seller on Ebay. Several of these issues appear to have been folded in thirds at some point, but fortunately, they weren't terribly damaged. I expect they weren't stored like that for long.

I really love the Delineator issues that I have from the 1880's and 90's. They all contain many beautiful fashion illustrations as well as information about fabrics, colors, trimmings, and even neat crafting stuff. This particular issue has some lovely striped and checked outfits as well as an expanded set of articles on how to attire your children (of all ages).

I'm once again using my new scanner with it's slightly wonky color correction. I would say that most of the pages are slightly darker, but about as warm as the scans. It's a little more erratic in tone than I would like, but it shouldn't affect the legibility of the pages any. ;)

This magazine only cost me $16.19. I would happily buy a dozen more in this shape from the natural form period. Scanning took me about two hours and I've managed to automate some parts of the web page generation, so that wasn't too bad (about 2.5 more hours). If you enjoy the scans and feel inclined to tip me a dollar or two, I would be very grateful.

I've included both the 100 dpi and 300 dpi versions of the scans below. If you just want to read the magazine (rather than print it out) the smaller ones should work just fine.

Some people have expressed an interest in page thumbnails, so I've added those in. Currently the thumbnails link to the small version of each page.

Download the individual pages (100 dpi and 300 dpi respectively):