The Delineator (October 1885)

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I purchased this Victorian era fashion magazine from a seller on eBay. The interior pages are very clean most of the edges are in good shape. Unfortunately I had some issues with the staples used to bind the magazine, and ended up pulling them out. Some of the pages stayed glued in to the spine but others were only connected by the staples. I'm not too worried about it though, since all the pages are individually in good and I have them packed away in order in an archival mylar sheath.

At October of 1885 this magazine falls squarely in the middle of the late bustle period of Victorian fashion. I'm not a huge bustle fan, but the smooth, clean lines and neat asymmetric closures of this period appeal to my desire for elegance balanced with simplicity.

I had a bit of a fight with the color correction in my scanner software (yes, again). I think I set it into the wrong mode, so it was auto balancing differently based on whether or not I included any of the white scanner lid in the margin of the page scan. As a result the colors and brightness of the pages were wildly mismatched. I've done my best to clean up the worst of it with by hand rebalancing the pictures' levels. Hopefully they're more representative of the actual pages now.

This magazine cost me $15.00 and I spent about 6 hours scanning, resizing, and building this web page. I've managed to automate some of the image resizing using ImageMagick, which cut down on the effort required. If you enjoy this issue and feel inclined to tip me a dollar or two, I would be very grateful.

Below you will find both 300 and 150 dpi copies of the magazine pages. If you just want to read the magazine (rather than print it out) the smaller copies should work just fine. The 150 dpi images average about 350 KB per image. The 300 dpi images are a bit bigger at an average of 3.3 MB per image.

Some people have expressed an interest in page thumbnails, so I've added those in. Currently the thumbnails link to the small version of each page.

Download the individual pages: