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July 2, 2011

Qualifying a Geek

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Recently a friend directed me to this article titled Girl Geek Week: Top 20 Signs You Might Be a Prima Geek-a. Being my normal angry self I read this once and immediately spewed all sorts of complaints at him on twitter, which he rightly pointed out did not belong on twitter. So instead here’s a blog post.

Here’s a line by line of why this made me go rage twitch stabby.

20. Just because I know how to pronounce/spell the names of the elder gods (and care) doesn’t mean I have to be a mythos-nazi.


16. Claiming that video games aren’t games doesn’t make you a geek it makes you an asshole.

13. Liking cute things and loving mythos are in no way exclusive. This point is either silly or pushing some sort of gender stereotype about cute as feminine and mythos as masculine that I don’t want to think about.

10. WTF? There are many more notable RPGs than this. How about about Ghostbusters, Pendragon, Dallas, Bunnies and Burrows (the original not the Gurps version), White Box D&D, First Edition HKAT, Amber, or an early version of Traveler.

8. You can simultaneously love reboots and originals. Having a stick up your ass doesn’t make you a geek it makes you a jerk.

5. Er… did you mean Underworld? Since that was the movie White Wolf sued over? They had a decent case that Underworld was infringing on a specific story they’d published, but it got thrown out, basically because of this, and rightly so.

I get how geek cred works. We all get wrapped up in our own hobbies and we value different things over other things based on what we love and geek out about. That doesn’t mean putting down other things to make you feel like a ‘better geek’ is the way to go. It’s still callous and cruel and reeks of elitism.

I doubt the author intended to hurt anyone when she wrote the original post, she probably was just listing things she liked. It angers me that geekdom becomes an exclusionary thing though and I find it hard not to say something. I may not value Street Fighter the RPG but if you love it more power to you, just don’t try to use it to measure how good of a geek I am. There’s a lot of aspects of geekdom neither you nor I can possibly know all of them.

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