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August 09, 2007

Victorian Petticoat and Other Costuming

I actually finished my petticoat a few days ago, but I only managed to get pictures tonight. I've been sick since yesterday, but I managed to feel well enough to go to my Weight Watchers meeting, so I figured I'd better get the pictures out of the way before I passed out this evening.

I'm pretty happy with the petticoat. I'm going to go ahead and use the front sections of the petticoat as a pattern for my apron as well I think. I'm just about done with refinishing the shirt and skirt I'm going to wear, so I'll just have to make the apron and neck scarf and I should be GenCon ready.

The other costumes I have to assemble for the con are coming along as well. I'm waiting on some stuff that's in the mail and the one LARP that claimed they are going to do some pre-casting but still hasn't replied to my forum post.

Incidentally, asking for open-ended casting requests on a forum is about ten kinds of lame. Seriously prospective GMs, I should not need to register for your forum to communicate with you. Give me a freakin' email address if you want to talk to me. Gmail accounts are a dime a dozen. I have like 98 Gmail invites free right now if you want.

posted by Eva @ 11:01 PM

Ooooh, very cute. I like it! Sigh... see, this is why I will probably never get around to making a Victorian outfit. All the pieces needed! Chemise, corset, petticoat, bustle, shoes, and that's just the stuff no one sees.

Don't forget to take pictures of the whole ensemble this time!
It's actually not that bad. You can cheat and use mostly modern undergarments if you want (excepting the corset).

I actually wasn't going to wear that chemise (it's something I made a long time ago, and not very well), but it ended up being more comfortable than the other modern stuff I could find.

I also don't really need the bloomers, but I hate having my legs rub together under skirts so I figured I'd just suck it up and make them. You could wear modern fitted shorts with no problem at all.

Skirts look better with a petti, but you don't really need one. You can also cheat and use a cheap, light summer skirt as a petti (they've been selling the gathered cotton ones the last few summers). Previously when I wore Victorian stuff I did without a petti and it worked pretty well.

I'll get pictures, never fear. I have to wear it for all of Thursday, so there should be plenty of time in there for me to deal with picture taking. :P
Very nicely done!! I can't wait to get to see this costume. :)

I like your shoes, too.

:) Linda
Greetings from Seattle, Washington in the Northwest corner of the United States!

I was going thru various past posts on your blog. How WONDERFUL!!! I too, belong to a historical costuming group based here in Seattle. Our main website is: and I have just started a blog which can be found at: I will be SURE to link you on my blog as well. Perhaps you could consider doing the same (or link back to our main website) if you deem us worthy of linkage (wink).

On the main page, you will see a button called "Past Events" where you can click on it and then choose which costuming event you'd like to visit and see photos. Mind you, the group has been in existence for a long time, I just happen to have come into the fold about 2 years ago, so I've started shooting photos at some of the events. (My computer is undergoing some problems at the moment so I have a few broken links, but we're working on it already.) People who have visited the site really like the lay-out and information they can find there.

Also on the site, you can go to "Dress-up Opportunities" to see how I've posted dates of different local events happening around my city. This helps fellow historical costumers have more than the formal, scheduled events to be able to dress up! I have also planned a river trip starting from New Orleans next December when it will be cooler in the South. Perhaps you'd be interested in coming along?

I'd love to hear feedback from you kind people who are fellow enthusiasts about both the website and my new blog. If you have ideas to share or suggestions, I am willing to listen!

Have a glorious September!!! Auntie Rita in Seattle
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